Full Day Bike Tour around Buenos Aires

8 hours
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1 - 6
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Welcome to Biker Street's Full Day Bike Tour around Buenos Aires, an exhilarating 8-hour journey that unveils the city's hidden gems and iconic highlights. Led by a passionate local host, this immersive bike tour promises an unforgettable experience.

As we pedal through Buenos Aires' diverse neighborhoods, we'll take time to sip mate, Argentina's cherished infusion, and indulge in traditional empanadas and sandwiches from truly local spots. This is more than just a bike tour; it's a culinary and cultural adventure.

From the modern icon of Floralis Generica to the historic Plaza de Mayo and stylish Puerto Madero, each stop reveals a unique facet of Buenos Aires' essence.

In scenic spots like Caminito and Recoleta Cemetery, we'll share captivating stories that bring the city's history to life.

Join us for an intimate small-group journey, where you'll discover the heart and soul of Buenos Aires, creating cherished memories to last a lifetime. ¡Nos vemos!


  • Bottled water
  • Use of helmet
  • Use of bike with gears & shocks
  • Local host (english speaker)
  • Lunch - sandwich + empanada from truly local places. *Veggie option available
  • Mate (infusion) + alfajor (local snack)
  • Recoleta Cemetery Ticket Included
  • Entry/Admission - Cementerio de la Recoleta

What to expect

This is a typical itinerary for this product

Stop At: Caminito, Valle Iberlucea del Dr. y Magallenes, Buenos Aires Argentina

Caminito is the vibrant and enchanting heart of BA! This kaleidoscopic alleyway, nestled in the colorful La Boca neighborhood, is a true feast for the senses. Picture a cobblestone path lined with quaint, tin houses painted in every hue imaginable – a breathtaking canvas that mirrors the city's passionate soul.
As you stroll along, you'll be serenaded by the sweet melodies of tango music drifting through the air, inviting you to dance the sultry steps yourself. Local artists display their masterpieces, vivid paintings that narrate Argentina's history and the spirit of its people.
The aroma of sizzling Argentinean barbecue lingers, luring you to indulge in mouthwatering empanadas and asado. In this lively open-air museum, you'll encounter tango dancers entwined in an embrace.
Caminito's charm is palpable, where history, culture, and passion converge, leaving an indelible mark on all who wander its vivacious lanes. Immerse yourself in this vivacious tapestry of colors and emotions.

Duration: 25 minutes

Stop At: Cementerio de la Recoleta, Junin 1760, Buenos Aires C1113 Argentina

Step into the hauntingly beautiful Recoleta Cemetery, an evocative and captivating final resting place in Buenos Aires. This necropolis, steeped in history and architectural grandeur, is a mesmerizing labyrinth of mausoleums, sculptures, and hidden stories.

As you wander through its tree-lined avenues, the ambiance becomes both eerie and enchanting. Elaborate tombs, adorned with intricate carvings and statues, bear witness to the city's storied past and the legacies of its most prominent figures.

Each corner reveals a tale of love, tragedy, and triumph, as generations of Argentinean families find eternal repose here. Among the hallowed grounds lie the graves of celebrated icons such as Eva Perón, adding to the cemetery's mystique.
Recoleta Cemetery is a journey through time, where life and death converge in a stunning display of art and history. With every step, you'll feel a sense of reverence and awe, as the souls of Buenos Aires whisper their stories through the ages.

Duration: 30 minutes

Stop At: Puerto Madero, Puerto Madero, Buenos Aires, Capital Federal District

Puerto Madero is a mesmerizing waterfront district that embodies modern elegance in the heart of BA. This revitalized neighborhood showcases a seamless blend of history and contemporary charm, where the past harmoniously dances with the present.

Glistening like a jewel along the Rio de la Plata, Puerto Madero boasts sleek skyscrapers that reflect in the tranquil waters below. As you stroll along its promenade, the soft breeze carries the faint whispers of the area's maritime heritage, reminding you of its former glory as a bustling port.

Today, the atmosphere exudes sophistication, offering a delightful array of upscale restaurants and trendy bars housed within beautifully restored warehouses.

Amidst the glimmering lights of the cityscape, Puerto Madero comes alive at night, with locals and visitors alike reveling in its vibrant nightlife. From leisurely strolls to chic social gatherings, Puerto Madero invites you to embrace a harmonious fusion of past, present, and future.

Duration: 5 minutes

Stop At: Plaza de Mayo, Av. Hipolito Yrigoyen S/N, Buenos Aires Argentina

Step into the beating heart of Buenos Aires at Plaza de Mayo, an iconic square brimming with history and emotion. Here, the past echoes through the cobblestones, and the spirit of Argentina roars with pride. The grandeur of the Casa Rosada, the presidential palace, stands tall, its pink facade a symbol of passion and unity. 
Surrounded by magnificent architecture and lush greenery, the plaza is a haven for art, politics, and protest. It has witnessed joyous celebrations and heart-wrenching demonstrations, a testament to the country's resilience and determination. 
The serene beauty of the surrounding gardens, creates an aura of tranquility in the bustling city, while passionate debates among locals fill the air. Amidst the captivating ambiance, take a moment to appreciate the eternal flame, a poignant reminder of the nation's enduring memory. 
Plaza de Mayo invites you to embrace Argentina's soul, where the pulse of the people and the pulse of the nation are one, forever intertwined.

Duration: 15 minutes

Pass By: La Boca, La Boca, Buenos Aires, Capital Federal District

Behold La Boca, an enchanting neighborhood that pulsates with color and creativity. This vibrant district is a captivating canvas where art and life blend seamlessly, giving birth to a one-of-a-kind cultural explosion.

As you wander through its cobbled streets, you'll be entranced by the kaleidoscope of vividly painted houses that exude the spirit of the city's passionate soul. The neighborhood's artistic heritage comes to life in the bustling art studios and quirky galleries that line the alleys.

La Boca's heartbeat is best felt at its famous soccer stadium, where the passion of Boca Juniors fans ignites the air with thunderous cheers. The aroma of sizzling asado wafts through the air, inviting you to savor the delectable flavors of Argentina.

La Boca beckons you to immerse yourself in its lively ambiance and embrace the unique tapestry of colors and traditions that define this captivating corner of Buenos Aires.

Stop At: Floralis Generica, Av Pres Figueroa Alcorta, Buenos Aires 2301 Argentina

Behold the mesmerizing Floralis Generica, an iconic symbol of Buenos Aires that embraces art and nature in perfect harmony. This monumental steel flower blooms magnificently in the heart of the city, captivating all who lay eyes upon it.

As the sun rises, the flower's immense petals slowly open, and at dusk, they gracefully close, mirroring the cycle of life. This dynamic sculpture, standing tall at 23 meters, is a true testament to the city's vibrant spirit and creative prowess.

Set against the urban skyline, Floralis Generica stands as a living tribute to hope and rebirth. Lit up at night, it transforms into a breathtaking spectacle, casting a magical glow over the surroundings.

As you walk around this magnificent masterpiece, you'll feel an overwhelming sense of awe and wonder. Floralis Generica invites you to immerse yourself in its beauty, a timeless testament to the artistic soul of Buenos Aires.

Duration: 15 minutes

Pass By: Barrio Palermo, Buenos Aires Argentina

Welcome to Palermo, the vibrant and eclectic heart of Buenos Aires. This sprawling neighborhood offers a captivating blend of creativity, culture, and urban energy, making it a favorite among locals and visitors alike.

As you explore its diverse streets, you'll be enchanted by the colorful street art, quirky cafes, and charming boutiques that showcase the neighborhood's bohemian spirit.

Palermo's lush parks, such as the enchanting Bosques de Palermo, provide a serene escape from the city's hustle, where you can enjoy leisurely walks and picnics by the lake.

At night, Palermo comes alive with its lively bars and pulsating nightlife, offering an array of entertainment options for every taste.

Whether you're a food enthusiast, an art lover, or a trendsetter seeking the latest fashion trends, Palermo has something to captivate your senses and leave you with unforgettable memories of Buenos Aires' dynamic and alluring spirit.

Stop At: Estadio Alberto J. Armando (La Bombonera), Brandsen 805 La Boca, Buenos Aires 1161AAQ Argentina

Welcome to La Bombonera Stadium, an electrifying temple of soccer passion. Home to the legendary Boca Juniors, this iconic arena reverberates with the heartbeat of Argentine fútbol, captivating fans from every corner of the globe.

Nestled in the vibrant La Boca area, the stadium's exterior showcases an impressive fusion of history and modernity, drawing you into its captivating allure. Once inside, the electric atmosphere envelopes you, as thousands of fervent supporters create an awe-inspiring sea of blue and gold.

The steep stands seem to lean in, intensifying the already palpable energy on the pitch. From the first kick to the last goal, the stadium's walls pulsate with cheers and songs, making it a cauldron of raw emotion.

Every match played at La Bombonera is a spectacle, a mesmerizing display of skill, determination, and unwavering devotion. As you leave, you'll carry the indelible mark of this extraordinary experience, forever bonded to the spirit of Argentina's football soul

Duration: 5 minutes

Pass By: Bosques de Palermo, Av Del Libertador & Dorrego y Figueroa Alcorta Palermo, Buenos Aires 1425 Argentina

Welcome to Los Bosques de Palermo, a lush oasis of tranquility amidst the vibrant heartbeat of Buenos Aires. These magnificent urban woodlands, the huge green area of Palermo, are a captivating escape where nature thrives in harmony with city life.

As you meander through its winding pathways, you'll be greeted by the scent of blooming flowers and the gentle rustling of leaves. The park's vast green spaces offer a delightful array of activities, from serene picnics by the lakeside to invigorating jogs beneath the canopy of trees.

Among the shaded glades, you'll encounter stunning gardens and serene water features, providing an idyllic backdrop for leisurely strolls and relaxing afternoons. Families, friends, and locals alike gather to savor the peace and beauty that Los Bosques de Palermo bestows.

Embrace the serenity of this urban retreat, where the symphony of nature and city life unite to create an appealing haven for all who seek solace in the heart of Buenos Aires.

Pass By: Microcentro, Buenos Aires Argentina

Welcome to Microcentro, the pulsating heart of Buenos Aires, where the city's vibrant energy converges in a symphony of modernity and history. This bustling downtown district is a captivating blend of skyscrapers and historic landmarks, where the past and present intertwine.

As you navigate its bustling streets, the dynamic rhythm of city life surrounds you. The grandeur of iconic buildings stands tall against the urban skyline.

Amidst the urban buzz, hidden plazas and charming cafes offer serene escapes for leisurely breaks. The aroma of freshly brewed coffee and mouthwatering empanadas fills the air, inviting you to indulge in the city's culinary delights.

Embrace the allure of Microcentro, where the spirit of Buenos Aires thrives in its vibrant streets, leaving an indelible mark on all who wander its dynamic and captivating lanes.

Stop At: Costanera Sur, Avenida Intendente Hernan M. Giralt, Buenos Aires Argentina

Embark on a culinary adventure along Costanera Sur, a captivating waterfront in Buenos Aires that promises to delight your taste buds. As we wander through this scenic haven, the gentle breeze from the Rio de la Plata accompanies us, creating the perfect atmosphere for our culinary exploration.

Amidst the stunning views and lush greenery, we stumble upon a hidden gem—a traditional food truck. Indulge in the authentic flavors of Argentina as you savor a mouthwatering sandwich.

With the rhythmic sounds of the water as our backdrop, we savor every bite, relishing the rich flavors passed down through generations. This local culinary experience adds a delightful touch to our adventure, as we immerse ourselves in the authentic taste of Buenos Aires.

Costanera Sur captivates us not only with its scenic beauty but also with its culinary treasures. It's a feast for the senses, where the essence of Buenos Aires comes alive through its remarkable flavors and picturesque setting.

Duration: 30 minutes

Pass By: Avenida del Libertador, Av. del Libertador, Buenos Aires Argentina

Welcome to Avenida del Libertador, a grand boulevard that gracefully stretches through Buenos Aires, embracing the city's history and cultural heritage. This majestic avenue, lined with towering trees and stately buildings, offers a picturesque journey through the heart of the metropolis.

As you stroll along its broad sidewalks, the elegance of the architecture and the lush greenery create a sense of timeless beauty. The avenue is named after General José de San Martín, the South American liberator

Avenida del Libertador is more than just a thoroughfare; it is a living gallery of art and culture. Magnificent museums and captivating monuments dot its path, celebrating Argentina's illustrious past and vibrant present.

At sunset, the golden rays cast a magical glow, adding to the avenue's allure. With every step, you'll be captivated by the grandeur and charm of Avenida del Libertador, where history and modernity intertwine in a captivating dance.

Pass By: Recoleta, Junin y Guido, Buenos Aires Argentina

Recoleta stands as a captivating neighborhood that exudes timeless charm and cultural richness in BA. This upscale district, known for its historic elegance and European influence, offers a captivating journey through the city's past and present.

As you wander through its elegant streets, you'll be greeted by iconic landmarks, such as the awe-inspiring Recoleta Cemetery.

Recoleta's Parisian-style architecture and charming cafes add to the neighborhood's allure, inviting you to indulge in the city's café culture.

Amidst the sophistication, Recoleta also embraces the vibrant spirit of Buenos Aires, with lively markets, art galleries, and cultural centers.

This alluring neighborhood strikes the perfect balance between history, art, and modernity, making it a must-visit destination for travelers seeking a taste of Buenos Aires' cultural essence. Embrace the elegance and allure of Recoleta, where every corner tells a story of the city's illustrious past and captivating present.

Stop At: Palermo Chico, Av figueroa alcorta 3415 y otras calles cercanas, Palermo, Buenos Aires Argentina

Palermo Chico remains an exclusive and luxurious oasis in the heart of Buenos Aires. This upscale neighborhood, nestled within Palermo, is a captivating blend of elegance and sophistication, offering a taste of the city's high life.

As you venture through its tree-lined streets, you'll be enchanted by the grand mansions and upscale residences that exude timeless beauty and opulence. Palermo Chico's pristine parks and serene green spaces create a tranquil escape from the bustling city.

Palermo Chico is a haven for discerning travelers and locals seeking an exclusive experience. Embrace the refined ambiance and captivating charm of this luxurious enclave, where the essence of Buenos Aires' glamour and elegance are at their finest.

Duration: 15 minutes

Stop At: Facultad de Derecho - Universidad de Buenos Aires, Avenida Pte Figueroa Alcorta 2263, Buenos Aires C1425CKB Argentina

La Facultad de Derecho stands as a captivating architectural masterpiece nestled in the heart of Buenos Aires. This iconic faculty of law, with its neoclassical grandeur and ornate façade, exudes an air of timeless elegance.

As you approach the majestic entrance, the intricate carvings and imposing columns beckon you into a world of academic excellence and intellectual pursuit. The sprawling courtyard, adorned with statues and fountains, sets the stage for profound discussions and inspiring debates.

Inside, the hallowed halls resonate with the footsteps of aspiring legal minds, eager to shape the future of justice. The library, a treasure trove of knowledge, lures you into a realm of boundless exploration.

La Facultad de Derecho stands as a symbol of Argentina's commitment to education and the pursuit of truth. Embrace the ambiance of wisdom and scholarship as you immerse yourself in the legacy of this captivating institution.

Duration: 5 minutes

Stop At: Paseo del Bajo, Buenos Aires Argentina

This dynamic area showcases an extraordinary blend of cultural richness, modernity, and historical significance.

As you wander through this vibrant area, you'll be surrounded by architectural wonders such as the CCK, a splendid cultural center, and the majestic Edificio Libertador in front of Plaza de las Armas, honoring the valor of the Argentine Army.

The scenic Parque del Bajo, with its lush greenery and serene lakes, provides a tranquil escape amidst the urban buzz.

The Aduana Building stands as a living monument to Argentina's maritime heritage, adding to the neighborhood's allure.

Here, the past intertwines with the present, creating a captivating tapestry of Buenos Aires' soul. Embrace the allure of this enthralling area, where culture, history, and modern life converge, leaving an indelible mark on all who venture through this captivating and appealing corner of the city.

Duration: 5 minutes

Stop At: Parque Lezama, Av Brasil & Paseo Colon, Buenos Aires Argentina

Welcome to Parque Lezama, a serene oasis nestled amidst the vibrant streets of BA. This enchanting park exudes an air of tranquility, inviting you to escape the bustling city and embrace nature's embrace.

As you meander through its lush green pathways, history unfolds before your eyes. The park's majestic statue of Pedro de Mendoza stands tall, a tribute to the city's founding father, while the iconic Russian Orthodox Church adds a touch of exotic allure.

Locals and visitors alike gather on its sprawling lawns for picnics and leisurely afternoons. The sweet scent of blooming flowers fills the air, while the gentle breeze whispers secrets from distant times.

Children's laughter echoes from the playground, and the sounds of live music drift from nearby cafes. Here, you can immerse yourself in the rhythm of Argentine life. Parque Lezama is a captivating haven, a place where the spirit of Buenos Aires comes alive in harmony with nature's embrace.

Duration: 5 minutes

Stop At: Plaza Dorrego, 400 Huberto 1, Buenos Aires Argentina

Step into the captivating Plaza Dorrego, a timeless square nestled in the heart of San Telmo neighborhood. This enchanting plaza is a treasure trove of history and culture, beckoning visitors with its alluring charm.

Cobblestone pathways lead you through a tapestry of antique shops, where vintage gems and nostalgic treasures await discovery. The square comes alive with the vibrant rhythm of tango music, drawing you into an impromptu dance or two.

As you wander through the bustling street market, the aroma of freshly brewed coffee and sizzling empanadas entices your taste buds. Local artisans display their masterpieces, from handmade crafts to intricate artwork, adding to the colorful ambiance.

At dusk, the plaza transforms into a hub of activity, with live performances, street performers, and captivating storytellers. Plaza Dorrego's soulful embrace invites you to immerse yourself in its vibrant spirit and become part of the rich tapestry of Buenos Aires' artistic legacy.

Duration: 10 minutes

Pass By: Facultad de Ingenieria, Avenida Gral Las Heras 2214, Buenos Aires C1127AAR Argentina

La Facultad de Ingeniería is a hidden gem andarchitectural marvel that beckons tourists to explore the wonders of BuenosAires This architectural marvel, nestled within the city's vibrantuniversity district, exudes an air of academic excellence and innovation.As you wonder it, you'll be captivated by thestriking blend of classical and modern architecture that adorns the building.The grand facade and meticulous detailing showcase the institution's richhistory and academic excellence.La Facultad de Ingeniería is more than a building; it is a symbol ofprogress and the pursuit of groundbreaking solutions.Embrace the allure of this intellectual hub, where generations of brightminds have honed their skills and shaped the future. La Facultad de Ingenieríaremains a beacon of inspiration, reminding all who visit of the power ofeducation and the boundless possibilities it holds.

Pass By: San Telmo, San Telmo, Buenos Aires, Capital Federal District

Welcome to San Telmo, a captivating neighborhood that beckons tourists with its bohemian charm and artistic allure in BA. This historic barrio, renowned for its tango heritage and cobblestone streets, offers a captivating journey through Argentina's rich cultural tapestry.

As you wander through its vibrant markets and colorful alleys, you'll be enchanted by the lively street performances, where tango dancers and musicians showcase the soulful essence of BA.

San Telmo's colonial architecture and vintage boutiques create a nostalgic ambiance, inviting you to explore the neighborhood's artistic legacy.

At night, the area comes alive with its bustling nightlife, from chic restaurants to vibrant bars, making it a favorite spot for locals and visitors alike.

Embrace the allure of San Telmo, where the past meets the present, and tango's passionate rhythm echoes through the streets, leaving an indelible mark on all who venture through this captivating and appealing corner of the city.

Additional information

  • No heart problems or other serious medical conditions
  • Not recommended for pregnant travelers
  • Not wheelchair accessible
  • Children must be accompanied by an adult
  • Minimum age is 14 years
  • Near public transportation
  • Not recommended for travelers with back problems
  • Travelers should have a moderate physical fitness level
  • This experience requires good weather. If it’s canceled due to poor weather, you’ll be offered a different date or a full refund
  • This tour/activity will have a maximum of 6 travelers
  • Confirmation will be received at time of booking

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You can present either a paper or an electronic voucher for this activity.


For a full refund, cancel at least 24 hours in advance of the start time of the experience.
February 2022

Carlos was a terrific guide. He imparted a vast depth of cultural and historical knowledge, "we haven't been able to trip him up yet" commented my friend. His English is excellent, his vocabulary outstanding. We covered a lot of ground! A great way to get an overview of a sprawling city. BA is so...

January 2022

This was SUCH a great way to explore Buenos Aires. I had very limited time and this was a great way to see so much. We covered so much area and got a taste of the city. Julian was an awesome guide and very knowledgeable. There were ample time for stops and pictures and exploring. Would definitely...

January 2022

I loved absolutely EVERYTHING about this day biking through beautiful Bruno’s Aires! My guide, Julian was simply wonderful and communication with him and his staff before the trip was perfect. The route is perfect - flat cycling in designated bike lanes, rest stops under shady trees, and many si...

Les S
March 2020

In the last two years, I have done two full-day bike tours in Buenos Aires with two different companies - Both were great. Biker Street BA offered more stops with a smaller group (3 people). Julián, our guide/leader, was personable and quite accommodating to needs and requests. My wife and I enj...

February 2020

Julian and Gilda were amazing and very knowledge! We learned so much! This is the best way to start your trip in BA as it gives you a good overview and orients you well. The biking itself wasn’t hard as BA is flat. Whether you do the half day or full day bike tour, you won’t be disappointed.

February 2020

This was the perfect way to visit all the points that you need to check and take a pic or two. The route is perfect to walk and have a drink in Palermo after a long day. I will do it again

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