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The Arab Republic of Egypt is the oldest nation state in the world. Known by many as the “cradle of civilization,” ancient Egypt played a central role in developing modern writing, governance, and urban planning, among other things. Home to approximately 82 million, the country is largely desert and would not be habitable if not for the water provided by the Nile River.

Millions of travelers go to Egypt to walk where pharaohs walked, see their remains, and take in some of the oldest structures built by modern man. Yet, just when you think you’ve seen it all, a new layer is peeled back, ancient story retold, or famous recipe reworked to adapt to modern tastes. That is the story of Egypt, constantly changing yet remaining close to its past at the same time.

Right now is an especially unique time to visit Egypt. While issues throughout North Africa and the Middle East have caused tourism to decline, the sites are there for you to explore and the people ever welcoming and eager to show you what real Egyptian life was and is. Search through TourMega for verified guides and activities to help you experience Egypt and all its wonders.  

Official Language: Arabic / Currency: Egyptian Pound / Largest City: Cairo / Main Sport: Football (soccer)

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