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November 2022
Enjoyable visit. Price (€6.50) was decent and the audio guided storytelling was educational. Not bad way to spend a hour learning about some of the history of Lisbon. Do wish there was a little more too it, but still worth a visit, especially for 1st time visitors.
Shannon S
November 2022
A very interesting museum with a unique way of showcasing Lisbon's history. It was a nice break from going to museums where you have to read all of the information. The audio guide was easy to use and would play each section based on GPS information of where you are in the museum. However, I think more could have been done with the visual displays. It didn't always feel like it matched the audio. This is great for a rainy day and is free with the Lisboa card.
October 2022
Gives you a very nice historical background of the city Lisbon from the Greek myths, Roman times, Moors, Portuguese world travelers, to their big earthquake and what the city has become today. And finished with a virtual reality flight over Lisbon, Sintra and Cascais. That was amazing
October 2022
The counter had no idea what Viator was or how to enter into the system, it took over 15 minutes and two phone calls to sort out. Exhibition not so interesting for small children, indeed the “earthquake simulation” is borderline traumatic. OK for 12-plus, but still not super-interesting for the cost.
Veronica T
September 2022
I've been living in Lisbon for a while now and I've been visiting many many museums, but this one is the worst so far. It is very small, so the visit is very quick. The audioguide is included in the price but it works with a GPS which makes the listening very confusing, in my opinion it doesn't work properly. The museum is divided in two parts by an automatic door which opens automatically more or less every 5 minutes, so if you want to go ahead with the visit or need to go back to go to the toilet you have to wait for the door to open. For me it was all very disappointing, I don't recommend this museum to anyone.
August 2022
It was fantastic! An absolutely great museum with a included audio guide. For students only 4.50, so very cheap for what you get. It takes about an hour. We loved it and would recommend it to anyone interested in history and or the Lisbon earthquake 1755.
July 2022
Tour was ok but not spectacular. Audio a bit hard to follow as not always a connection with what you see. But certainly good enough
June 2022
-very helpful staff - great presentation of Lisbon's history - convenient GPS based audioguide - multimedia way that affects all senses to tell the story of Lisbon
June 2022
The museum itself was okay- it was mainly just listening to an audio guide with videos playing, in parts. Was okay- learnt some interesting things but I was expecting from the adverts for something more immersive. It’s free with the Lisboa card but I would have probably been more disappointed if I had paid specifically to go. The bit that really annoyed me was the entrance- there were two people at the desk (and a third that eventually came), and one person was taking a while to be served. There was a queue but apparently the other person on the desk wasn’t authorised to do anything. It took about 15 minutes in this queue to enter- we almost just walked out
May 2022
The headset self guided audio tour comes with your ticket. Space is well laid out with creative imagery to depict the history of Lisbon. However it’s hard to follow the pictures with the audio and we found it to be a lack luster experience. Would have like to have seen more information about the modern eras and more education on the architectural designs of the city. It was a decent hour spent- just not as interactive as I expected it to be.
April 2022
This is the place that you want to visit first when visiting Lissabon. It tells you the history of Lissabon. An audio guide is included in the entrance fee. The explanation is quiet elaborated.
February 2022
Very static museum with scenes in each section depicting the history of the city and its culture. We had the audio guide which we were told is automatic according to which area you visit. We found the guide abit hit n miss and quite long winded to listen to. A long line to get inside and service was slow but helpful. It was OK but personally i found it more like scenes from a theatre than a museum. No original artifacts on show.
Andrew K
February 2022
If you don't know anything about Lisbon's or Portugal's history then this is probably worth going to at the start of your visit. But a lot of the English audioguide is wasted on miniature imagined dramatic scenes (with English accents bordering on caricature), and slightly hyperventilating questions and exclamations, all of which get in the way of actually telling the story. The story is interesting enough to be told without any adornment. Concentration on the dramatics also seems to have led to some oversights, eg Columbus's European discovery of the Americas - a key event for Portugal's history - is not even mentioned (I could have missed it, but I don't think so). So you might be better having a look at Wikipedia or the history section of your travel guide. However, the earthquake presentation is very effective and actually quite moving, so on balance the Story Centre is worth seeing for this. Just don't have your expectations too high for the rest of it.
August 2021
The story and history of Lisbon in a multi media experience, well designed and and interpreted, interesting and a must see for anyone who wants to understand the history of Portugal, empire and trade. The audio guide in English was interesting and well worth the experience.
October 2020
I loved my visit to this exhibition, which at the time of visiting (long before covid) was open much longer hours than at present (great for those who like me like to get up early). The information on the former colonies, like Brazil and Sao Tome was very well presented with its focus on the city's cultural diversity (my own country could learn a lot from this). The information on the earthquake and its effects too was very interesting and informative. A visit to this exhibition is a must for all first time visitors to the city and should be number one on the list of things to do.
Ivica S
August 2020
Very interesting exposition, telling a story of the city from the beginnings to modern time, in interactive manners. Very interesting to visit and learn more. Well done!
May 2020
My friend and I, while visiting Lisbon, decided to check out this museum and we were both so glad we did. While I think they mostly have children in mind, we thoroughly enjoyed listening to our audio guide in English while walking around to the different displays. It was very informative and the gift shop had very nice quality merchandise.
Nigel V
March 2020
The museum is situated next to the Can Can bar on the Commercial Square.The experience is interactive with an audio guide lasting about an hour.It is very interesting and entertaining, telling the history of Lisbon.There is a interactive video showing what happened during the earth quake,a word of warning if you have young children, it is a bit graphic.Overall it was very enjoyable.
March 2020
Good visit. Well laid out and easy to follow with the use of an Audio Guide (lasts about 60 minutes). It is a good introduction to the history of Lisbon and is very visual.
February 2020
I believe the museum would be good for children but I failed to learn anything I didn’t know. It was however an entertaining enough experience and enjoyable.

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