Gourmet Hanoi Night Adventure


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1 - 10

4 hrs

$58.00 USD
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Tour Information

  • Around:
    • Hanoi
  • Pickup: Hanoi

  • Food Food, Wine & Nightlife
  • Outdoor and nature Outdoor Activities

Time of Tour
  • Departure at:
  • Duration: 4 hrs

  • Price in total: $58.00
  • Size: 1 - 10 people
  • Discount: 0%
  • Languages: English

  • Cancel up to 24h before, incurring a processing fee of 10%

Gourmet Hanoi Night Adventure

  • Interesting & safe motorbike riding
  • Discover deeply Hanoi charming at night
  • Meet and talk with local people
  • Take part in very special ceremony at night
  • Taste the best authentic Hanoi street food
  • Sipping local drinking among local atmosphere
  • Learning about Hanoi life night & its beauty
  • Non-tourist

Like a movie and you are the main actor, together we experience an ancient, chivalrous, charming, vibrant, and delicious Hanoi with Hanoi By Night Adventure.

Travel like a local to explore Hanoi nightlife and look deeply at Hanoi’s beauty by motorbike, the trip will take you to see moments of ancient Hanoi along Red River and learn about the lives of the farmers in the city.

Heading along the path of ceramics, you will come to romantic "love path" in Hanoi, where the couple in love at least once had to. Shrimp cakes were born here and you will enjoy Hanoi specialties at the place of its origin.

Do you know what Hanoi do in the evening? You will know in a few hours! We will be immersed in the sacred flag lowering ceremony in the square with thousands of people then walk through the quiet streets with a lot of French architectural buildings to laughing parks, where the elder people does excising, young people dancing and children playing… A colorful Hanoi is miniature here!

Hanoi is famous for seasonal flavor flowers, and at night, the taste of Hanoi’s passionate than ever. If you come to Hanoi in the summer, you will enjoy fragrance of gentle lotus, sweet orchid flower in spring, profound Milk flower in autumn and a cup of coffee will taste more charming Hanoi.

Hanoi's beauty is not coming from brilliance superficial but from deep of soul, that beauty is hard to say in words or visually look, it can be only felt with your heart. Once there, you will definitely love Hanoi.

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