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November 2022
The pilot was funny and made the experience really unforgettable. I offered this tour for my husband 50th birthday. For sure he will remember it for ever!
October 2022
It was a nice trip and we took good photo's. However, we only went on the Hudson River and the Liberty statue while we expected to see more (as advertised). For this reason I will rate it bad, because we made a choice to book a more expensive trip and didn't see much more than the cheaper trip.
August 2022
Absolutely brilliant. We booked a shorter tour but when we got there they had upgraded us to the ultimate tour at no extra charge. They also let my daughter sit up front with the pilot so she had the best view. All staff were amazing, and the gentleman who picked us up to take us to the hanger was funny and explained what was going to happen before we flew. From start to finish this was an amazing experience and can't praise the staff enough.
August 2022
Was nice experience dont go by yrself otherwise they will give you a place in midle still good but not like the one in window
May 2022
My most memorable experience was the guy from the helicopter tour telling me over the phone that there was no flight, without informing us prior. Never again
January 2022
Nothing beats NYC from the air but I was disappointed with this tour. It was sold as 20-25 minutes and from touch off to land clocked in at 21 with 5 of those minutes being travel time from across the water in New Jersey and maneuvering so closer to 15 minutes. We flew up and back the Hudson with a quick circle around the Statue of Liberty. We didn't fly over the Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridges as promised despite me asking the pilot and we didn't fly over Central Park or any part of the city (I saw others doing it but maybe they have different clearance?), just flew up and down the river. Office staff was unorganized and unmasked. Our pilot was new to the company and new(ish) to NYC so maybe we got an off day. Overall, it was a stunning experience but I felt we didn't get what was promised and considering the price, I think 3 stars is generous.
November 2021
Very friendly staff and a memorable experience. The flight was great to see all the well-known sight from a new angle, incomparable to other ways of sightseeing.
October 2020
Totally awesome experience!, the pilot was a great tour guide and the flight was really smooth. I would recommend this highly.
January 2020
Great way to see the city from the sky. Kind, personable, and competent staff who are all there to make the experience run smoothly.”
November 2022
La estatua de la libertad Apreciar la grandeza de NY C Central parq Fue realmente una bonita experiencia, el trato que tuvimos fue exquisito
December 2021
A savoir que l'adresse que vous communiquez n'étant pas l'adresse de la compagnie, qu'il faut arriver 1h avant en comptant qu'une fois arrivée à l'adresse indiquée il faut attendre que la compagnie envoie une navette pour venir vous récupérer. Et ça prend un certain temps donc nous sommes arrivés 30 min avant au lieu d'une heure m, nous avons dû payer des indemnités de retard de 300 dollars . Nous ne recommanderons pas votre activité, sachant que vous n'expliquez pas correctement l'organisation. 300 dollars parce que vous manquez de précisions ....vous comprendrez que nous vous remercions pas.
August 2020
Para nosotros el señor Sender barquero y para mi fue impresionante. Excelente servicio personal muy agradable y Atención de lujos. Tanto así que ya lo estoy recordando a todos mis clientes y amigos.
February 2020
Wij hadden gereserveerd voor maandag 14.00uur en we werden netjes opgehaald door de chauffeur in een busje eenmaal aangekomen op locatie kregen we de veiligheidsfilmpjes te zien en een gedegen uitleg kregen we ook eenmaal in de lucht waren wij allen 3 verbijsterd door het uitzicht want het waren zonnige omstandigheden we hadden 20 minuten geboekt maar waren minimaal 30 minuten in de lucht daarom geef ik deze organisatie 5 sterren. Zeker een aanrader om bij dit bedrijf te boeken.

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