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February 2022
Went here for something to do in Brno, a nice city but not over stuffed with attractions. Strange place, no one else in when we went. If you’ve ever watched Lost, you’d be taken by the kitsch 60s/70s tvs and strange public service videos. There was no explanation whatsoever of how the bunker came into commission or why it became a tourist place. Just a random collection of mainly gas masks and other assorted paraphernalia. Only cost a fiver each but even so felt a bit robbed.
November 2021
I really enjoyed the trip. It was awesome. The guide was funny and we were able to try also special clothes from the times
November 2021
It’s a nice to place to get more knowledge about the Second World War. It’s a paid tourist place, but if you have a student card, you’ll get a discount. The WiFi didn’t work in that day.
Christopher W
March 2020
The city was starting closing down but this place was open. We were the only visitors which made the experience even more eerie. The bunker would have been used by the elite in the event of a nuclear war. Walking round the tunnels the full horror of life in the bunker was represented from the old telephone exchanges to the death cell. Everyday things like old magazines and posters showed the paranoia of the time. Well worth a visit but not for the faint hearted.
January 2020
On 30 of December I bought the tickets on suggestion of TripAdviser it was said that the atraction is open the next day. When we came to the location next day the atraction was closed for that day and I could not get my money back. Really a bad experience. They should write the correct open hours before selling the tickets.
Ingrid J
December 2019
Must see in Brno! Amazing tour where you can try everything and make photos. Not only that but they also offer free souvenirs at the exit!
November 2019
Amazing place, where you can experience history in a usually hidden world. All equipment and tools in the bunker are the real things and are there to touch and experience. Highly recommended.
September 2019
different experience. it's not usual to see such "building", from strange part of history. it gives us just a part of the way of thinking from cold war period. tour itself takes about 30 minutes.
August 2019
This is just a short stop to see how things used to be during some strange times, especially if you're fascinated by these things. I am not a big fan, but if you're in Brno I think it's work half an hour of your time.
August 2019
Even though it is nothing "nice" to see, it is a very unique and touching experience. You can try and touch on many things. At the end is an interesting buffet with some typical Czech communist meals and snacks.
July 2019
If you happen to be in Brno, it is worth visiting the Bunker. Very helpful staff, but the exposition itself is small, took about half an hour to see it.
Tanja K
May 2018
Underground trenches, the walls are built of human bones and skulls, which have been transferred from the abandoned cemetery in the past.
October 2021
Leider keine Infofolder auf Deutsch oder Englisch. Die Videopoints waren nur teilweise mit englischen Untertiteln. Die Ausstellungsobjekte waren größtenteils nur auf tschechisch beschriftet.
November 2019
Gut erhaltener Lufzschutzbunker inmitten von Brno. Die Luft war etwas stickig und das Licht war düster aber ansonsten eine Erfahrung wert und preiswert ist der Eintritt auch.
November 2019
Wer den Kalten Krieg noch erlebt hat, der findet es hier sicher beklemmend. Die Ausstellung ist gut gemacht und zeigt auch Alltagskultur und Verfolgung aus der Zeit des Kommunismus. Auch die Wendezeit ist dokumentiert. In einem der Filme erfährt man, dass der Bunker schon im 2. Weltkrieg existiert hat und bei Luftangriffen im November 44 Schutz bot.
Alexandre E
August 2019
Ce lieu historique est sur le chemin de la visite du château. Il vaut la peine d'une visite, pour se replonger dans un passé récent. Ce site était supposé pouvoir maintenir en vie 600 personnes en cas d'attaque nucléaire.
Ondřej P
August 2019
Výborný zážitek v Brně, který vás toho hodně naučí o historii z doby studené války. Určitě doporučuji. Doba prohlídky bez průvodce cca 45 minut.
July 2019
Если честно, ожидала большего. В отзывах писали выделить час, но если бы я специально не задерживалась и не тянула время, все можно было пройти минут за 15. Просто различные военные вещи и устройства времен СССР, на любителя. По ходу бункера есть видеоролики на английском, рассказывающие об истории места и другие истории, но тоже не особо интересно. Многое спрятано за решетками.
Darina R
May 2019
Když jsem náhodou našla tento Kryt/Bunkr na netu, rozhodla jsem se, že ho musím vidět. Návštěva mě rozhodně nezklamala, ba právě naopak. Historie na vás dýchne - technika, telefony, noviny, knihy, reklamy a mnoho dalšího. Dobře vaří a navíc je objekt střežen služebními "psy". :) Rozhodně doporučuji.
JulinKá K
April 2019
Skvelý zážitok a dozvedeli sme sa toho strašne veľa počas exkurzie so sprievodcom STANOM, ktorý bol skvelý ! Všetci z personálu veľmi milí a ochotní takže Vám pobyt určite spríjemnia. Ďakujeme :)

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