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October 2022
Gondola was excellent, and the operator is nice. However, the tour only laster 20 min. My understanding was it was for 30 min. The tour was on less traffic path.
September 2022
We arrived at the meeting point Fondamenta Cossetti prior to 3pm. No gondola there. Two gondolas showed up around 3:15pm. We showed Viator booking confirmation ticket and the gondola skippers told us they had no idea about the booking and was not on their schedule. One skipper was trying to find out what's going on and called his boss. He took photo of our Viator booking confirmation ticket and sent to his boss. The story is Faberest is the booking agent and took our money and booking via Viator. Faberest outsourced to local gondola company, but the gondola company had no communication on our booking from Faberest!!! Up to now, Faberest hasn't offer any apology to this mess-up and didn't try to communicate with us after the event and explain anything. Don't book this experience and it's totally waste time!
May 2022
The tour was off the beaten path as indicated. However the beaten path route runs us to areas of residential and there was not really anything interesting. If you want to go thru residential area, where you passed by school and see old residences. Then this activity is for you.
October 2021
Enrico was an excellent gondolier! He skillfully navigated through very narrow areas with great precision and even sang for us. 🤗
August 2021
A nice tour, but not very spectacular. Nice places around. The other side of Venice. Not so overcrowed. The captain gave some explanations (thank you), but did some phone calls during the tour (not soooo nice). Too expensive.
July 2021
Good cruise. Kind. Quiet gondolier but nice. Took picture. Clean boat. Close to the train station but far from our accommodations.
February 2020
Travelled with 2 friends. It was very easy to meet up with our gondolier and everything was arranged for us. The trip was really nice and there weren't many other gondolas in our path as well which was surprising considering it was summer. Would recommend this particular route to other travellers to Venice.
February 2020
Love the gondola ride! The meeting point was easy to find. Our gondolier was very kind and pleasant. The ride was not in a busy part of the city, so at times it was so quiet you can hear nothing but the water around you. It is a "must-do"!
January 2020
By law in Venice the gondola rides are 80 euros per approx 30 minute ride. This takes you round an industrial estate part and is not special at all. There are loads of gondolas to chose from when there that take you through really pretty parts of Venice! This is a complete rip off! Would not recommend! Bought for my birthday and was massively disappointed especially when I found out the prices over there! If the gondolier tries charging you more you can refuse and pay 80 its their law
Anton G
January 2020
When in Venice, you have to go on a Gondola. Its part and parcel of the experience and yes it is a little expensive, but then what in Venice isnt. Venice has loads of Gondolas touting for business and in some very busy parts the water in the canal is choppy and full of motorised taxis which are noisey and very busy. We met Robert (our gondolier) at the bus stop side of Venice. There were only two Gondolas on the pier. Robert then took control and took us to the back canals of Venice even showing us where he was born. It was peaceful, tranquil and best of all we could talk with Robert to find out a locals perspective. We even helped him to navigate under a bridge when the tide had risen by having to lean and make the boat lean to one side thus getting under the low bridge this is so much better than the busy part so do book before hand and dont worry about not seeing the sites, this quiet journey will have you entertained
December 2019
I took this ride for my 2 daughters and I. Honestly I don’t see the interest. Walking the streets of the city is much more interesting. We went to places we had already seen - except one. Gondolier didn’t talk to us nor explained anything. The girls were happy to do it but not that much. I’d say do it if you really want to otherwise it’s expensive and not that interesting.
December 2019
I spent years thinking about have a ride with my wife on a Gondola in Venice. I was worried that this event would be a bust, something like a Disney ride. In fact our ride was better than expected! After gentle bargaining for the price. Our gondolier focused on giving us a great experience. He was knowledgeable, attentive and skillful, he knew the history of the palaces of the area. The Venetian crowds vanished almost immediately. Money well spent!
November 2019
The saving grace is the fact that Venice itself is beautiful and of course the experience is a once in a lifetime memory. Beautiful gondola and super peaceful going through the quiet canals with calm water and it was great having the canal to yourself unlike the traffic in the Grand Canal. However, the gondolier was really bad. He did not interact with us at all, and spent most of the time using his phone! Since it was quiet down most of the small canals he just drifted along talking on his phone or texting. In fact in some of the selfies we took you can clearly see him on the phone. We were planning to tip him after but chose not to given the poor service. Lucky only that the city itself if beautiful enough to make up for it.
November 2019
We had our appointment at a later time, which was beautiful because we got to go on the Gondola while it was still light out and then got to see the sunset on the gondola and saw Venice at.night while still on it. We literally went to Venice just to go on the Gondola and it was worth every penny! Thanks Nicolo for the ride!
November 2019
This service is just a scam. 135€ for a ride where the official and fixed price for a 25 min gondola tour is 80€ is nothing else. (1 gondola is for up to 6 people and you just pay 80€, for the boat, even if you are 6). And don’t believe you get something special, you just get the basic service on one of the most jammed tour. Pre-booking is also totally useless: on a very busy day, Nov 1, with a city jammed with tourists, it was not difficult at all to get a tour for people who did not pre-book. We could easily observe it. Last, even if this is of lesser importance: the gondoliere was rude, no hello, singing a stupid song in Spanish and answering/texting the whole time on his cell phone. A shame!!! Avoid this « operator »!
November 2019
Great tour, we saw the canals that the locals use as well as the locals houses, the police station (complete with boats). It was nice to get away from the hustle of the Grand Canal and just enjoy the quite canals of Venice.
Bridget R
November 2019
The weather wasn't good but we embraced it due to the fact that they wouldn't let us change the day. We were literally on the ride for 20 minutes, £127 for 20 mins! Not good value for money and they didnt even have a record of our booking, the guy just by the off chance turned up at the kiosk.
November 2019
Our gondolier took us through the back canals of Venice, away from the noise of the vaporettos and water taxis. It was quiet, relaxing, and beautiful. If you're looking for an evening ride away from the commotion of Venice, this is the ride you should be taking!
October 2019
We had an amazing time 🙂 Pleasant experience!! Would recommend to book this excursion! Our Gondola guy was fine as Italian wine 🤩
October 2019
This was a great gondola ride. Everything we had hoped to experience! The gondolier was kind, talked a bit but mainly let us have the time to ourselves. It went through some nice, quiet parts of Venice that we might have missed otherwise. Great / convenient location to meet not too far from the Train Station.

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