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October 2022
The transport bus provided was pathetic , unsafe and terrible Off al the trips I have booked with aviator this is the worst
July 2022
Interesting expérience but were Many people in pamukkale and at the beginning the guide was very serious but not engaged in our visit to pamukkale ( we were obligated to go alone to the théâtre, he was busy)
July 2022
This great for getting it checked off your Bucket list, and better than Cappadocia in my opinion. Loved the experience, cleopatras pool and seeing the ruins.
June 2022
The tour guide (Batu) was very knowledgeable, kind and patience. The tour is well paced and you have free time to explore both sights. The buffet lunch was very tasty and varied. You can also add paragliding to your tour at an additional price.
May 2022
Tour Guide was not at all good. She did not convey anything properly. So We missed visiting the antique Cleopatra pool. Time given was not sufficient to visit the places. They will misguide the tourists by taking them to Onyx stone factory which is waste of time.
April 2022
We were really disappointed with this tour and won't recommend it to anyone. I'll elaborate by reasons for the above: 1. This tour wss advertised as having English as the tour language, which was clearly not the case. ~75% of all commentary by the guide was in Russian. The bit that was in English was barely comprehensible. We really had to make an effort to make sense of any directions given to us in English. 2. There were absolutely NO Covid-19 measures in place! The tour was advertised to have the following: - Social distancing enforced throughout experience - Temperature checks for travellers upon arrival The above was not practised! There were a number of tourists on the bus who were constantly coughing and may have had Covid infection. 3. The bus driver decided to keep the air conditioning off throughout the day leaving the passengers stuck in a stuffy, hot bus with no ventilation. It was a very long bus ride so the above was a significant inconvenience. The driver did turn on the air con for sometime, but only later in the evening, on our way back, just before the staff passed around the envelopes for tips. 4. They didn't provide enough time for Hierapolis & Pamukkale. This was done so that they can stop at several ridiculously over-priced* tourist trap shops on the way back (to make commission from sales). We were allocated a total of under 3 hrs to complete the following: - Visit Hierapolis ruins - Visit Hierapolis Archaeology Museum - Visit +/- swim at the Cleopatra's pool - Visit Pamukkale Thermal Pools It was simply not possible to cover all of the above in 3 hrs so most tourists had to skip some of the above activities. We booked this trip to visit and enjoy Hierapolis & Pamukkale. The tourist company could have allocated more time for the main attraction instead of forcing the tourists to visit the tourist trap shops for their commission. The tourists were literally, passively forced to get out of the bus to visit the tourist trap shops as the bus driver would immediately turn the engine off upon stopping the bus at these shops, leaving the tourists sweltering in the bus. We wasted at least 3 hrs on these unnecessary stops! To summarise: this tour was a massive disappointment! We will not be recommending it to anyone. *To give the reader of this review an idea of how ridiculously expensive these tourist trap shops were: We bought some wooden souvenir bookmarks in Antalya for 5₺. These shops were selling the exact same item for ~20₺.
March 2022
The guide was really nice with good explanations I also enjoyed the free time inside Hieropolis and the bath in Cleopatra pool. From Antalya it takes 4 hours and not 3. Lunch was good and pick-up time at the hotel perfectly
March 2022
The guide Osman and the driver very careful and complying with all traffic regulations. Rich buffet menu. The incredible visit, and bathing in hot springs in the ruins of a Roman forum is a unique experience in the world, only for this I hope to be able to return one day.
March 2022
Omar our tour guide is awesome. He knows a lot about that region and tells the stories very detailed. He is very attended and shows everything and u have enogh time to explore a little on your own.
March 2022
Tourmania excellent driver and guide . Fab food . This is a bucket list to do . Long day but it’s worth it . Value for money . An all in one experience when u get there and they give u plenty of time .
Jayden Tan N
February 2022
We were picked up at 6:30am from our hotel, Ramada Plaza in Antalya in February 2022. Our trip lasted 15 hours. 10 hours were completely for the bus ride. 2 hours for rest and visiting shops (stones) which I personally did not like because you only had 3 hours left for visiting Pamukkale. Kleopatra Pool costs extra 100Lira (6-7€) or 10€ or 11$. Obviously, I recommend to pay in lira. They also offered to do Paragliding (1500 lira or 100€) but due to the lack of time I cannot recommend this. You barely have time to visit completely Pamakkula and Kleopatra Pool. We could not even visit antique theather there. However it was very worth trip because of the excellent service which the local tour agent “Tourmania” provided us. The organization was very well and really on-time as scheduled. Also, they are very competent and always available (what’s app). Thank you very much Tourmania!
January 2020
Enjoyed Pumakkale tour guide only spoke to the German people didn't speak to the British people far to many stops .If you are British ask for English speaking guide he could but didn't was very rude.
July 2019
Lots of people were there, mainly to see the Pamukkale terraces, not a lot of water in them, but beautiful just the same. My highlight was Hierapolis, so many ruins of this ancient place. Very hot, and at times hard walking, but worth it to see so much history. After a quick explanation , had 3 hours of free time to explore both places.
April 2019
Trip was excellent and informative Our guide ALI was very active and lively. View was excellent. White castle and amphitheatre was excellent.
March 2018
I have done this tour three times now. It is hard to beat for value but then most of the other attractions have no entrance fee for the tour company to pay for. The travertine terraces are looking much better than they did previously though I did enjoy staying at one of the hotels right on top, now demolished, that previously had been diverting the hot spring water through its own pool. Cleopatra's pool is a highlight - enjoy swimming in hot radioactive water among the fallen ruins while you can! It is bound to be closed to public use once the health and safety people re-assess the risks. This tour is especially enjoyable in the mid-winter as steam comes off the waters and the views from the mountainside are clear and stunning.
Susan R
August 2017

The place was amazing when we finally got there due to 2 shopping trip stops no one was interested and some were even unaware that these shopping stops were included in the day therefore we only had 10mins stop at the thermal pools very disappointing as the pools were the reason we booked the trip in the first place. Our rep did an amazing job it was tough on her because an Asian family who live in the U.K. We're obviously more special than everyone else holding our trip up by 30 mins in total due to being late back on two occasions whilst everyone else sitting on the bus before departure times. If you have children you may want to sit near back on the bus as even though we have lots of stops too many really the driver likes to smoke while driving therefore not making it pleasant for no smokers or children who're traveling on this trip. Even though food was included drinks weren't when questioned why it was due to people ordering alcoholic drinks...? Surely you could state drinks included except alcoholic drinks, very poor for the price you pay.

July 2016

Nice tour. A lot of traveling and pammukale itself can be very tricky and slippy to walk on so beware. But overall a nice trip.

July 2016

Fantastic day trip! We loved every minute of this tour. Our local guide, Olga, was a mine of information and we also learnt lots about the history of Turkey. You really need to understand the history to appreciate all of the things that you see on this tour. It's a long day but worth every minute. If you're doing the tour I would recommend taking both swim options as they are both completely different experiences but, if you feel you can only do one, then do Cleopatra's pool. You don't get to Pamukkale until the afternoon the main reason being that you really don't want to be there at the hottest time in the day. Wonderful,

Sarah C
May 2016

Pamukkale is an incredible place and I highly recommend going there however with this tour leaving so early in the morning I was disappointed to discover our schedule to visit the site was still in the afternoon when it is busiest. We arrived in the area by 10:30am and should've gone straight to avoid the crowds. Aside from this our guide was kind and I still enjoyed the trip. Take drinks with you, they are over priced in the included meals.

Jmiaa M
May 2022
Départ à 7h du matin retour à 20h à l hôtel, 12h pour passé 3h sur le site a visité, j ai eu l impression d avoir payé pour faire des pause toute les 10mn ds des boutiques se trouvant sur le chemin. Je suis d accord sur le faite qu il faut faire des pauses sur le chemin et en faire profiter le commerce local, mais pas à ce rythme. C est bien domage d avoir que 3h sur le lieu (les 3 sites annancé sur l excursion se trouve au même endroit avec un seul billet d entré), car le site et magnifique et intéressant Le guide donne des expliquation d intérêt historique pdt 30mn à la va vite à l entrée du site et ns annance qu on a 2h pour faire notre visites.

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