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September 2023
Driver was great- would recommend that this trip should be 3 hours long to visit castle and the gardens. Only had 2 hours.
August 2023
Of coarse a great place for a day trip. Easy to find check in office, staff is very helpful. The van is comfortable and the driver very considerate to all. I’ve gone by train before and this was very easy. Might do a full day trip next time to spend more time in the gardens
August 2023
The palace was amazing! Be sure to include a garden ticket with your entrance, it's beyond big! The grounds are amazing. You could easily spend an entire day there!
July 2023
Seeing Versailles is a must, but the palace was so crowded it was hard to move through it. There isn't enough time to move through such a vast space and see it all. The signage is minimal and unless you read French, a tour guide is probably a better option. It was clear that we were less well regarded than those who chose a guided option. On the other hand, with a place that crowded, wandering the gardens was much more pleasant. That the fountains, save one, were not on, was disappointing.
July 2023
Meeting point was very convenient by subway : then arriving early at the site in the morning made us almost first in line. Very much appreciated!
July 2023
Our guide was excellent! She was extremely accommodating to members in our group who had trouble walking. Very knowledgeable and interesting story teller. We had an amazing time and would definitely do it again!
July 2023
The Palace of Versailles was so beautiful! You could spend all day there. The tour was very organized and efficient as well! Our driver took us to the front of the line and we only had to wait 20 minutes to get in. Plenty of time to explore and was even able to grab a snack in town.
June 2023
Great experience. Worth seeing. But none of the fountains were on which is disappointing. Too crowded in the Palace there needs to be more regulation on how many are allowed in the Palace at any one time.
June 2023
People at the tour office were in credibly helpful and nice. The self guided audio tour was awful. They could have provided more guidance
June 2023
Seamless transfer from Paris. Very friendly driver. He got us right in to the experience. Would highly recommend this!
June 2023
The Palace of Versailles was breathtaking and glad we got to experience it on our trip. Booking the trip was easy and meet up directions was easy to find. The communication from Viator was great. Our bus driver was friendly and got us to the palace safely without any issues. My only complaint is we didn't have enough time to enjoy the gardens and were a bit rushed. I would have loved another hour to just walk the gardens. The palace was crowded overall but it was peak season so it's to be expected.
June 2023
The instructions from Trip advisor were good, I loved having the tickets on my phone for ease. The bus was good and very clean with charging docks for iphones etc. The time allowed for good for us but might not be enough for peak season as the queues were quite large. Good value for money
June 2023
It was a great experience to go to Versailles but really your just paying for the transport and ticket entrance. There is no guided tour. I would recommend purchasing your own tickets to Versailles and take the metro . It’s super easy to use the metro in Paris.
June 2023
Tour was advertised as half day, but it was not a half day. We left at 8:15 am for Versailles and when we arrived at Versailles, we were told that pick up time was 11:30. Our entry ticket was for 9:30. So basically 2 hours aside from the gardens that we could immediately enter. Other than the misleading timeframe, it was nice. Just too short for what we paid.
June 2023
We texted with the tour operator that we were running behind due to horrible traffic in Paris to catch the bus *12 minute uber ride that took is 45 mins* We arrived 6 minutes behind the 1:15 arrival time and the bus had left; no refunds no communication back.
June 2023
Consider saving some cash and opt for the train when planning your visit to the Palace of Versailles, instead of using what turned out to be a lackluster and overly expensive taxi service. The actual entrance tickets, clearly marked with the price, were a mere 27 Euros each. The tour itself, again just a taxi service, cost $188.06 for two tickets. My primary grievance was with our driver. One of the guests chose to sit in the fold-down seat adjacent to him, and their ongoing conversation throughout the journey turned problematic. While chatting in itself was not an issue, the driver's distraction as he repeatedly glanced at his passenger instead of focusing on the road, resulted in erratic driving. The van frequently swayed between lines, causing concern. As for the touted 'self-guided tour', it's simply an app-based feature available to all ticket holders. Remember to bring earphones compatible with your phone if you want to make use of this. Regarding the Palace of Versailles itself, it was incredibly crowded, almost stifling. The number of visitors attempting to navigate through the palace was overwhelming, with not an inch of breathing space. This is not an exaggeration. Many visitors, me included, eventually abandoned the palace tour in favor of the gardens. If you wish to avoid unnecessary frustration, I'd suggest purchasing the garden tour only. Our time in the gardens was unfortunately limited due to the time it took to escape the crowded palace. In the span of my 10-day multi-country vacation, we embarked on numerous tours booked via Trip Advisor, all of which I wholeheartedly recommend. This particular tour, however, left me so disappointed that I felt compelled to write this review, detailing my experiences and grievances.
June 2023
Perfect tour of the palace and very comfortable commute from central city hotel to the Palace. We enjoyed the tour and recommend it.
June 2023
We arrived more than 30 minutes early to our meeting point. The person that was there looked at our tickets and told us to walk to the other side saying that is where the tour bus is. It was a 10 minute walk. So we did. When we got there, we waited in line, only to be told we're not showing in the system and that it was the wrong bus. That took another 15 minutes or so for them to figure it out. So we called the agency and were told to come back to where we first came and that the bus was going to wait for us. We walked (another 10 min) back. As we arrived back, there were two female associates there. As we were attempting to talk to them, One in particular was VERY rude and told us "I dont have time for you right now. Cant you see im doing something? You need to wait". The other associate was completely ignoring us. They were the ones we spoke with over the phone who told us to come back and the bus will wait. But were rude and ignored us when we got there. The bus left. We were told again VERY RUDELY that it's not their problem and to figure out how to get there. We ended up gettingban uber. This terrible lady associate said so many other nasty remarks that are too long to write. But long story short, HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE. WE WILL NEVER BOOK WITH AVIATOR AGAIN. EVER.
June 2023
Lovely tour that was well paced. While the driver did not attend, we had options to have digital instruction. The group was small with two individuals who advised they w return on their own and another couple who were no shows after 30 minutes waitinf
June 2023
None too crowded couldn't move around. Group tours jammed the spaces to move around. Very poorly organized.

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