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November 2022
We saw many sights and heard much history in an hour and a half. Our guide was pleasant but spoke quickly in Spanish and English because there was so much to describe and sometimes the descriptions rolled into each other. There was no chance to ask questions or actually observe, photograph or savour the sites. Difficult to hear on the upper level of the bus so be warned. Much was missed because of language, intermittent sounds, and traffic noise. A simple solution would be to provide the passengers with a one page printout of all that we were seeing...
October 2022
I enjoyed seeing the city while not driving. Not having to worry about driving in traffic was more relaxing.
Christine O
October 2022
Very disappointing tour. No audio earplugs and no map provided. The tour guide spoke in English and Spanish simultaneously very quickly over an intercom so was very difficult to understand because of the ambient noise of traffic and other passengers chatting. I would not recommend this tour. A complete waste of money
October 2022
We need to hear the information. She was downstairs and we could not hear her. It was a waste of money. It was raining and cold outside , and the driver took 15 minutes to open the door for us to enter. It was also leaking upstairs. Take a different tour!!
October 2022
The Bus guide’s English was hard to understand, and our bus front window glass was broken and they put a black tape to hold the broken glass which blocked our sightseeing view.
October 2022
Terrible tour a waste of time Drove around the city in traffic and saw Very little of tourist sites Very hard to understand tour guide on bus This was a waste of money and cabs To get there and back
Gillian A D
September 2022
Didn’t help that it was a cool overcast day so not the best for an open bus tour, front of upper level of the bus was damaged and so created some visual obstacle. Also guide was rather bland and hard to understand in either language that she spoke. We were grateful though that she spoke both Spanish and English. Just all a bit blah but not expensive so I guess get what you pay for.
Allen T
September 2022
Bus was very nice and clean. I wish they had a 2nd guide who spoke the english portion of the tour. Guide spoke very fast and in broken english.
September 2022
The English spoken was not good. To flat en fast for Dutch guys. The tour itself was not 1.5 hour, but a little more then 1 hour. Parts of the route was not made.
Sanyu S
September 2022
We were in Madrid for only two days, The bus tours takes you to all the key sights, the English audio guide was fantastic.
July 2022
The tour was very nice. The guide was very knowledgeable and gave us very interesting information about Madrid. We sincerely recommend it to everyone.
Jeroen P
July 2022
Excellent value for money. The bus drove by most of the highlights in 1h and 20 min. The narration was live in Spanish and English and, unlike what some people write here, very easy to hear and understand. Personnel came up to check in on us a few times. My advice is to take this tour early during your stay. It might give you inspiration for the rest of your stay.
Lysandra A
July 2022
Guide had no microphone. It was really hot and no AC despite advertised as AC. Not sure why your could not be done from downstairs but it was difficult to enjoy due to heat
July 2022
Good brief tour of central Madrid. Reasonable price. Main complaint was the audio system. Set so loud that there was distortion that made understanding difficult. Good thing I got two chances, one in English and the other in Spanish.
July 2022
Liked the route, the bus commentary was interesting. Choice of outside or air conditioned inside. Not too crowded or hot at 11:00, 12:00 looked busier.
July 2022
Bus left and arrived on time. The vehicle was fitted with headset outputs but no headsets were supplied (? due COVID). So commentary was supplied in Spanish and English by an onboard guide. Not sure what you would have done if not fluent in Spanish or English though. Dual translation meant that the guide had to be fairly superficial and keep to faulty basic details. This is a great opportunity for something like an app on a smartphone that uses the GPS to work out where it is and give commentary to the individual user
Brendan R
July 2022
Comfortable bus. Excellent commentary throughout. A fantastic way to see the magnificence of Madrid.
June 2022
There was no audio available, so sitting on the top of the bus you could not hear the commentary. So it was basically just a bus ride around the city! There should be headphone with a working system. Wouldn’t recommend
Greg C
June 2022
Couldn't hear commentary, no headsets which made it quite boring. Host could be friendlier. Quite simply don't bother, I got straight off this bus and straight onto City Tours with 2 routes and headsets for entertaining commentary. Don't bother.
June 2022
The tour was very disappointing. The bus speed didn't enable the information to be shared in time to see it. No ear phones were available. The main sights such as the palace were only seen at a distance.

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