4.1 · 76 reviews
November 2022
Venice is loved too much so is terribly overcrowded. The workers are exhausted but try hard. Beautiful city but extremely difficult to manage.
October 2022
Well worth a visit, Amazing. The reconstructions of Leonardo's inventions were fabulous. Very well laid out museum.
September 2022
Extremely informative and interactive was completely unaware of how much he had invented and accomplished in his life.
August 2022
Absolutely stunned by this museum. Was unaware of the true great genius of Leonardo Da Vinci. A fantastic place to take any budding young artist / scientist / architect. There is plenty to interest all. I was not aware of the vast genius of Da Vinci and am happy to learn so much about him for €8. Highly recommended.
July 2022
Lovely place to visit, the people are so lovely and welcoming and I recommend the audio guilds while you visit.
July 2022
A great way to learn about da Vinci, and a really fun way to experience his many inventions. The ground floor features digital renditions of his art work. The audio tour doesn’t quite match the works, apart from the Last Supper, but instead describes the evolution of his painting style. The pages of his note books all seem to be copies but it was still interesting to learn about them. The upstairs rooms are full of machines and mental puzzles. I loved learning how to build a Da Vinci bridge (such a clever design) and my son loved exploring the various contraptions too.
May 2022
Nothing special, besides the mirror room. Could get something more interesting to see for this price. But is true that we didn't pay for the guided tour, which would maybe provide more interesting info.
Steven S
May 2022
Compact museum over two floors...the first one includes some of Leonardo's famous artworks (digital but well very clear and large) and diaries. Second floor covers a number of his inventions (many interactive) and studies. Overall, very interesting way to spend 60-90 minutes
April 2022
Great interactive museum showing many of the inventions from the great man's sketches, his works of art and knowledge of the human body. Gave a very good overview of his life and death. Thoroughly enjoyed this experience.
Amy M
April 2022
The church that holds the museum is very beautiful, inside and out. The interactive exhibits of the museum were enjoyable and educational, it seems like the perfect place to visit with children. Not all of the information labels were in English, but still some descriptions to look at. Took around 15-20 minutes to see the full collection, but not bad for the entry fee.
October 2021
We chose to visit the Leonardo Da Vinci museum on our last day in Venice, when we run out of things to do. It was 8€ per person (6€ for children 7 and over/students and free for children 6 and under) and 1€ for the audio guide. The audioguide was at times a repetition of what was written on the walls. I was very impressed by de descriptions next to each piece on exhibition, most of it was translated in 5 or 6 languages (inc: Italian, English, French, Portuguese, Spanish and Russian). The Museum is split over two floors, the ground floor goes over the artwork and codex and a bit of Da Vinci’s life. Upstairs is where the fun begins, they have many of Da Vinci’s creations in wood which you get to play with. Overall it was a good activity which filled an hour or so of our day but I found it a bit too expensive for what it was, especially as the artwork were copies. Nonetheless it is a great museum if you have kids as they get to play and learn at the same time.
November 2019
It was a really hands on Museum. Great for kids too! I really enjoyed finding out more about his painting techniques. His breadth of inventions and research into all areas of engineering and the human body are beyond belief! How could one man in his time period even contemplate all of this? It is a small museum and no original paintings, but so many models of his inventions made it fascinating. Really enjoyed our time there. Easy to find.
Veronica U
November 2019
I loved this museum. It's small but very informative and not to crowded. Great for everyone. Easy to get to and in a great neighborhood
November 2019
This museum is probably the best one if you've got kids or if you're a big kid at heart. It's small and doesn't really catalogue the scope of Davinci's works or his life, but it does skim his highlights and some of his inventions. The best thing about this museum is their interactive rooms where you can wind cranks, pull levers, open and close things etc. The staff, unlike every single other museum/tourist place in Venice, are actually quite pleasant and don't follow you around or hover like you're some criminal mastermind. The museum is, however, tiny and you won't need more than 90min to explore it very thoroughly. Not the best value for money - they charge 8euro to get in, but hey, that's Venice for you.
November 2019
Not as big as I would of thought and I didn’t really get along with the audio tour (this is optional) but still some amazing insight into his inventions
November 2019
There is another Leonardo museum in Venice 8 mins walk away. Thats much better and is the one I thought we'd booked. This place is still ok though with things to see and do. Staff helpful.
October 2019
We went here with my son and had an absolutely excellent time. The VR headsets were a huge hit and the machines upstairs were fabulous. We enjoyed it so much we did the whole thing twice. It was so quiet despite Venice being rammed to the gills with tourists. Well worth a visit.
October 2019
IT's wonderfull and well organized. It has explanations in English.I highly recommend it. for adults and childreen
October 2019
I travelled to Venice for my honeymoon and the Leonardo Da Vinci Museum was the most interesting and fantastic place that we visited!!(In my opinion). Seeing some of Da Vinci's inventions brought to life was mesmerising and surreal. What a fantastic man and museum, bravo!
October 2019
This display featured hands-on replicas of many machines. Definitely educational. Curious and amazing. Print etchings of his documents. There are some displays that describe and discuss his painting process. The highlight are the machines! Worth the trip if you are an engineer! great for kids too.

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