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August 2022
Great trip, glad I went! Friendly and bilingual driver. Some quick stops at the ocean for pics, a good account of time in town.
April 2021
From Nanya Rocks to Jiufen, overall amazing experience! Worth the price and the view is just incredible. Would reccomend it to those that just wants to get away for a fresh breath of air and walk around historic sites. Our tour guide Tony was very helpful and nice!!
December 2020
Tony was amazing! Loved the trip! The scenery was great and loved the view. Also it was the perfect amount of time at each location
March 2020
I forgot to ask for his name but he was very knowledgeable for the whole trip from the start of my trip to the end! I had a wonderful journey, given with enough time, like really enough time to walk around and enjoy the scenery! Quite a history on the Northeast Coast and Jiufen itself! I was amazed the entire trip!
February 2020
We took this tour on a day-trip to Taiwan. It's a fast-paced tour that fits a lot in a short period of time. Tony, our tour-guide, was attentive, friendly, informative, and went out of his way to ensure we had a great experience. I would highly recommend the tour, and our guide Tony, to ANYONE looking for a great experience in Taiwan.
January 2020
We had a wonderful visit to Jiufen, and the surrounding areas. Our guide was very knowledgeable and fun to travel with (thanks Frank!). We got to see things we wouldn't have known about of we'd gone by ourselves, perfect for those new to Taiwan.
January 2020
So much fun! Tour Guide was so nice and funny, always making sure that we learn about the places, rather than only driving us there to take some photos. A fantastic experience. Thanks!
January 2020
Great half day tour! Lots of interesting facts and great scenery, with a good humoured host who entertained us all
December 2019
A visit to Jiufen is to experience total chaos! Tour buses are not allowed to Jiufen so we were dropped off at a bus depot to be transferred to bigger tourist buses. Except some of these buses are not tourist buses but buses similar to what's being used at airports so seating was limited. Some tourists ended up standing on an uphill trip to Juifen. Not ideal for middle aged or older tourist. I don't know why they do not provide everyone with proper tourist bus since I am sure we all paid the same fare for the trip. Once you reach Juifen, its difficult to appreciate the village as it's foggy and raining. I believe it rains in Juifen 200 days in a year so I dont understand why no effort is made to ensure the whole alley where all the shops are located are covered. Some stores have awning but others don't so navigating the alley that is crowded with a lot of tourists while trying to hold an umbrella is not ideal and certainly far from an enjoyable experience. The worst part came when we were to depart Juifen. We were ready to leave a little past 5 so we went to the bus stop to board the tourist buses again except that apparently, the last bus that we opted not to take since it did not have seating for everybody in the tour group was the last bus from Juifen. There is no sign anywhere about the times that these buses run and our tour guide didnt seem to know as well and not being able to understand chinese, we couldn't catch the conversations between our tour guide and the "operators" of the tourist buses. There are still a lot of tourists at Juifen so we were really confused about the whole situation. The meeting time was decided by our tour guide . If we had known about the schedule of the buses, so we could have left a few minutes earlier. We eventually reached the bus depot but not without significant delay. Overall, this is definitely not worth the trip.
Mike S
December 2019
Was buried in mist and raining heavily on the day I visited. Nice to see all the alleyways. Mainly retail outlets which looks unsustainable even in when conditions are good. If you’re self guiding. It should only take an hour to get in and out.
December 2019
I was with 7 other members of the same group. the trip was interesting and we could have spent more time at the village. Overall a very well organised trip.
Olivier C
December 2019
The van for 8 persons was brand new and well equipped. Sites of interest were visited and our guide was really willing to take care and please the group
November 2019
If you want a 1/2 day tour, this is a good one. We got out to see the gorgeous coastline of Taiwan. And though it was crowded, we enjoyed the narrow street market we walked through in Jiufen. Our tour guide, Jenny, was terrific: information, friendly, and cheerful. If you take this tour, you will be glad you did.
Elizabeth T
November 2019
I enjoyed this half-day tour and our tour guide, lovely Jenny is very high energy, friendly and did her very best to engage with her group. Her English is understandable and she is very accommodating, helps us take photos and tries to inject humour in her introduction. The weather was very foggy this afternoon so we could not see the scenic view. There's a good varieties for shops and the prices are reasonable. I do love their traditional dessert stores and the place is relatively clean. For clean toilets go to the ones beside the police station as you go down from the famous tea shop.
November 2019
the best time to be in Jiufen Village is late afternoon of early evening, because all the lanterns lights up reminded me of the animation movie Spirit Away. I enjoyed the shopping and local snacks.
November 2019
Driving the East China Sea coast was very good experience with attractive coastal features. Jiufen Village itself was overcrowded and any charm eroded by the tourist hoard and the surly store keepers especially the woman in the fancier tea shop. It only gets 2 stars. You wonder if the place can sustain this level of visitors. The views from the village were spectacular though. The guide was good and related the history well. Overall tour 4 stars.
October 2019
Tour was very watered down; not enough time in any of the locations; should be a full day tour; guide didn’t explain what we could do in Jiufen Village; very little info shared by tour guide about what we were seeing on the trip
October 2019
The Jiufen village and Northeast coast were both beautiful places with amazing views and scenery. The tour guide was friendly and supportive, kept giving us information about the places. But I would have liked more time at each of those places and was disappointed with getting only 10 minutes at Northeast coast and 1.5 hour at the Jiufen village.
September 2019
The tour is short and would benefit by reducing the time spent at a market (more than hour) and adding a visit to other site; for instance to a temple as some nice ones were seen in the area. Some are named gold temples because gold miners attended to pray for them as gold mining is a risky work. The guide was a nice man who spoke English well.
August 2019
I would really recommend our tour guide, Mr Austin Lee, he is so helpful and we’ve also learned a lot about Taiwan from him. He is very flexible and can adjust to what our group wants to do. He really takes his service to the next level by arranging our hotel check in so we were able to go straight to our room after the whole day tour. He personally assisted us during our departure and make sure that we were all able to check in before leaving us. I’m am really satisfied.

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