Guiding tour in the city centre of Mantua (Mantova)


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1 - 50

2 hrs

$110.84 USD
in total

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Tour Information

  • Around:
    • Mantua
  • Pickup: At Rigoletto's house behind the cathedral at the end of Piazza Sordello. On Rigoletto's facade there is a huge poster with the writing "Casa di Rigoletto"

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Time of Tour
  • Departure at:
  • Duration: 2 hrs

  • Price in total: $110.84
  • Size: 1 - 50 people
  • Discount: 0%
  • Languages: English

  • Cancel up to 24h before, incurring a processing fee of 10%

Guiding tour in the city centre of Mantua (Mantova)


4.9 stars, based on 7 reviews
Manuela's German is excellent and her knowledge of the history of Mantua is remarkable. Although we only paid for 2 hours, she explained the history of the cathedral to us for 20 minutes and gave us a plan for the rest of our time in the city. I can recommend this tour to everyone Mantua without Manuela would have been half as beautiful
Dr.Gunther Jutz
Dr.Gunther Jutz
a very well-founded leadership, which gave us the magic of Mantua in a wonderful way.full satisfaction from our side
We were with a group of 10 people in rainy weather in Mantua with Manuela as city guide on the way. Manuela did it perfectly and inspired us all. With your business knowledge, personal and amusing nature, time flew by. Thank you. Thank you
Günter R.
Günter R.
Manuela was a friendly, competent city guide who managed to cast a spell over the audience during the two-hour tour. Her German was very good. As her voice was loud enough, each of the 25 participants was able to follow her well-formulated and entertaining explanations. Manuela was kind enough to pick us up at the hotel near the train station.
Beate Z.
Beate Z.
It was a very knowledgeable and entertaining tour.
René Wäspi
René Wäspi
Very informative, good tour, lots of interesting facts. Manuela speaks excellent German and has communicated very clearly with the group.
Susanne L.
Susanne L.
Manuela made the introduction at a busy intersection. It was a little noisy. And she could have given an overview of the history of Mantua first. She told too many details. Boards with photos or boulders would have loosened the whole thing up
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