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October 2022
The tour guide was very knowledgeable about the areas. The bus was very comfortable. We had a great time
September 2022
Great guide & driver. Almost too much to see. But on a short trip you get a lot of history & beauty in a day.
July 2022
Deborah was a lovely guide with lots of interesting knowledge. She was supportive and inclusive of all passengers. Rob was an excellent and friendly driver who knew the roads well and dealt with Dover traffic jams with agility. I would highly recommend both of them. Julie and John NZ Note did not go to Greenwich went to Dover
June 2022
The tour was well planned with a excellent and well informed guide and equally helpful coach driver! Both Mr John and Mr James were receptive and gave a good insight into the background of the Leeds castle and the history behind the Canterbury cathedral and insight into the Greenwich Village! The White cliffs of Dover and the view beyond the English Channel was worth every penny!
April 2022
The Leeds castle and Canterbury Castle are worth a visit but you need to have atleast 3hrs alloted to both the places. Cliffs was Dover were fine but not something that would make you feel wow. The Greenwich walking tour was not upto the mark and just spent about 10 mins in Greenwich that too just to catch the boat whereas the itinerary said it would be for around 45 mins. Also the boat ride isnt worth it as it was a closed boat with no proper views. Overall good if you are in London for a short duration and want to see something out of London.
March 2022
Frank was great. So knowledgeable and interesting. Went out of his way to show us as much as he could and made sure we all had a good tour
March 2020
We booked this about two weeks ahead of our scheduled visit. Two days before we were scheduled to go on the tour I called a company with a question. At that time they told me the trip was not yet “confirmed” even though I had already paid. It turns out they were holding out hoping for more people. They could not tell me if and when they would be making a final determination as to whether the trip would even take place. They then canceled and refunded my money. Very poor customer service. Had I not called with question I’m not sure they would’ve ever told me until I showed up that it was cancelled.
December 2019
I had this tour on 25th December and I was very disappointed about it. At Canterbury I had “a chance to enjoy the Christmas services in the Cathedral”, (I’m quoting Premium Tours email) but we had to leave before service finished. But that’s ok. Then we had a decent Christmas lunch near a gas station. But it was Christmas and it was Holyday Inn, so that’s ok. But the most upsetting thing to me is that I paid €284 for two persons and the best I can get of “fabulous views of the White Cliffs” ( I’m still quoting your email) in Dover was the picture below. I paid for seeing the White Cliffs, not for staying 10 minutes at the Port of Dover!!!Ten minutes, not even the time for getting closer by feet!!!! Absolutely disappointing and ridiculous and I would never recommend this tour to anyone. Then we had a quick visit to Rochester, where our guide Magnus, disapperead for most of the time we stayed, with no explanations about the “many locations marked with plaques, as mentioned in the novels“, (still quoting). On 24 th December I had a tour to Windsor, Stonehenge and Oxford with Evan Evan Tour, and it was totally worth the money! Never again!!!
December 2019
Clarissa is a very informative and knowledgeable guide. She did a great job in highlighting the history of places that covered in this tour. Many thanks to her effort, we learnt a lot. However, the tour arrangement could be improved if lunch box is included. We were given an hour to have lunch at Canterbury at 14:00, and get back together at 15:00 to visit a cathedral. It’s a bit late to have lunch as the tour started at 8am, and an hour lunchtime was too rush so we gave up visiting the cathedral at last.
October 2019
English was not the guides first language. She was difficult to understand she did not get any nuances of the English language, and added no value to the trip.
August 2019
Good and informative guide. We can only have lunch after Canterbury visit at 1430. This is too late from when we started the journey at 8. We could have lunch first before the cathedral visit.
August 2019
Clarissa our guide was wonderful n informative. The coach was comfortable. It was a long tour/day but well worth it. We also got to the Dover cliffs n the British war museum. Recommend it
July 2019
The tour is comprehensive. Worst part was driving out of London in traffic. There was not enough time to enjoy the gardens at Leeds Castle. Going to the new RAF memorial at Dover was a plus. Canterbury was lovely even though the Cathedral is having repairs done. Boat ride at the end was a nice way to end the day. Our tour guide was very educational.
Daniel B
July 2019
It is a great tour to get to know cliffs of dover, canterburry, the leeds castle. You wouldn't get half of this if you go on your own Our guide Frank was the best condiment of this tour
June 2019
Wonderful day trip. Our tour guide shared many interesting stories along the way. I only wish we could have spent more time in each place!
Keely W
May 2019
Our guide for this tour was pretty boring, and only gave facts on the bus. At the sites, we were on our own to explore, which was fine. There was no set time for lunch, so you did have to sacrifice time at the sights to eat. The tour ended in a very strange way. We all just got onto the public transport ferry and wandered away at the last stop. There was no 'goodbye, thank you' etc. There was no point in going to Greenwich, it felt like it was just to add some more to the itinerary.
May 2019
We picked up the tour from Victoria Coach station. I was pleasantly surprised that the coach (bus) that fits 50+ people only had about 25 as large tours of 50+ people are always disappointing. I’m assuming it’s because this tour is the least popular for this company. I’m also assuming this as we originally booked this tour for a Saturday for my parents, my husband and myself. I received an email on Wednesday letting me know that they are cancelling the Saturday tour and we had a choice of joining the Friday tour without my husband or choosing one of the Stonehenge tours (which they have too many of). We ended up choosing the Friday and received a refund for one ticket. This was extremely disappointing. The tour itself was good, nothing exceptional. Main complaint is the late lunch, we were starving after Leeds Castle and weren’t due for lunch till after 1:30/2pm. This is quite late when you’re catching a tour at 8:15am. Overall, we were dissatisfied with the amount of time we spent in Greenwich. It seemed like we ran through the palace in Greenwich and hopped on to the water taxi back to London (Embankment). We barely got to take photos or understand where the meridian was. The rest of the tour was nice, really enjoyed Dover and the white Cliffs, wish we had more time there.
April 2019
This was a good tour. I had a friend tell me, "don't go to Dover, there's nothing there". But we didn't actually stop in the town of Dover. We stopped at the Battle of Britain Memorial, which I enjoyed. There was a view of the white cliffs from there. Dover Castle looked interesting, but we didn't stop there, just saw it out the window. Leeds Castle was the highlight of the trip in my opinion. The tour was very good. Outside the castle there's lots to do for families with kids. A maze, playground, adventure golf, etc. Part of Canterbury Castle was under scaffolding as it is undergoing restoration. My trip was on Good Friday, which I didn't realize when I booked months ago, so it wasn't open for tours. No worries, it was still beautiful to stroll the grounds. We had plenty of time to walk about the shops and have a leisurely lunch in historic old Canterbury. We ended in Greenwich with a water taxi to Enbankment, across from the Eye. I would have preferred to see the Royal Observatory (even though it was closed) and made my own way back by rail or water taxi. The only negative thing I can say about this trip is that the web site advertised free WiFi on the bus but there was none. Tour guide Carol did an excellent job pointing out the sites and history along the way.
January 2019
Because I fell ill, I had submitted a cancellation on this trip 48 hours in advance and it never went through.
John H
October 2018
We very much enjoyed this tour.. Was a little worried after reading some of the negative reviews about how things were a bit disorganized at the Coach Terminal, but did not experience any such issues. We read the instructions in the confirmation email, took transportation to the Victoria Coach Terminal (not the train station) and arrived ~30 min early.. we immediately went to gates 18-20 and contacted the staff at gate 19 and were told to standby for our specific tour... We had Benjamin as our Tour Guide and an excellent bus driver (did not catch his name but he's from Turkey). Travel from London to the various locations was safe, well timed and quite comfortable on the Premium Tour Bus. There were only 20 of us on the tour Oct 12th so there was plenty of room to spread out and relax. The driver provided good color commentary and insight into the various locations we visited or drove through. He was personable and quite friendly to all patrons on the tour. Am glad we decided to take a risk and schedule the tour, not only did we take some beautiful photos but we also enjoyed learning more as we went along.

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