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In the area of ​​Arzachena there are some off the most important archaeological monuments in Sardinia, from both the Neolithic period (3500 B.C. – 1800 B.C.) and the Nuragic (1800 B.C. - 800 B.C.).

The "Mushroom", a huge fungus-shaped granite boulder, is one of the oldest and was used as a dwelling and shelter from the most remote prehistoric times.

At this site several fragments of obsidian have been found. This volcanic stone, considered the black gold of prehistory, is very rare in Europe but present in huge quantities in the dead volcano of Monte Arci. It was used to make arrows and knives and was exported from the island all over the Mediterranean. Obsidian is one of the first commodities exchanged by the ancient Sardinians with other regions of Europe and North Africa.

In Coddu Vecchju, there is one of the best preserved “tombs of the giants” over 10 meters long, dating back in its most ancient part to 2500 B.C. Originally an “allèe couvert” (dolmenic gallery grave), it was later reused by people of the Bonannaro culture around 1800 B.C. and finally rebuilt by the Nuragici after 1600 B.C.

The Nuragic stele, a 4.40 meter high stone, represents a false door and symbolic link with the after-world, centered in an “exedra” semi-circle of smaller stones. Viewed from above, the graveyard forms the classic shape of a bull’s head with horns, as do all “tombs of the giants”.

These ancient sites are of spiritual significance for devotees of astrology and electromagnetism who like to gather at the tombs to absorb the beneficial energy and connect with the Universe.  Often after dark, there are ritual ceremonies to refresh the soul and alleviate health problems.

Just 500 meters from Coddu Vecchju, is the spectacular Prisciona Nuraghe, one of the largest in Gallura. Nuraghi are prehistoric constructions from the same period as Stonehenge and have a form similar to medieval castles.

They were used for habitation and to control the surrounding territory. Sardinia, with more than 8000 nuraghi, is the region with the largest number of prehistoric monuments in the Mediterranean.

The Prisciona was excavated recently and its adjoining village covers an area of ​​more than 5 hectares.

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