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September 2022
We really enjoyed the tour. Our guide Youp was very professional and knew his history. We enjoyed learning from him. He was well prepared with supplies and a safety vest. Youp also made sure we had access to refill our water Andy stopped to drink to stay hydrated. Youp was also very attentive to safety and would block traffic to make sure we got across safely. I liked that there were washrooms at the bike facility to use and water provided. Another bike company we did the previous day did not have washrooms for customers. The extra thought they put into making people comfortable made a difference.
August 2022
The electric bikes were wonderful, a super comfortable way to see beyond the city centre and learn a little more of the rich history of this region
September 2022
Very professional and friendly. And safety conscious with knowledge of the history. And making sure that my wife stayed on the bike.
Grachina H
September 2022
Our guide was friendly, professional and had a good sense of humour. We saw parts of Rome and it’s environs that we would otherwise have missed. Great selection of town and country. E- bikes meant that everyone could cope with inclined etc, made cycling a doddle. Highly recommend. Thank you for a great day out.
September 2022
My boyfriend and I went on this tour and loved it! It’s a great way to see ancient ruins outside the city center, and we covered a lot of ground in the Appian Way and Aqueduct Park areas. Our guide made stops along the way to explain the history of various ruins and other points of interest, and we also had plenty of time for pictures and water breaks. Each bike came with a fairly large pouch to put things you may want to take along with you, and we also made a quick lunch stop halfway though the tour. I wouldn’t recommend this tour for inexperienced bikers because of the uneven terrain and crowded streets we biked through at times, but overall our guide made it a very safe and fun experience!
September 2022
Great tour, the non touristy side of Rome. The catacombs are amazing, great tour there too. The Apian Way is bumpy in places, hard to believe it was built so long ago. As with the aqueducts.. majestic still! A great lunch on a quiet corner, homemade lasagna! The Ebikes are magical!! Lol! A great way to spend the day! Loved every minute.
September 2022
Alberto was wonderful! It felt like he really tailored the tour to our group and he was very patient. We covered a lot of ground and the time flew by. As an additional note, the bikes were a great way to stay a bit cooler in the heat.
September 2022
Historical experience in Rome without crowds while enjoying nature! È-bikes we’re in excellent order and fun to be able to try without owning our own. Instructions and safety made it relaxing for parents and children.
Elizabeth O
September 2022
We had a great time biking along the Appian Way and in the ancient aqueduct park. Our guide, Ambra, was super! She took care of us through the city streets and had a lot of information about sites along the way, as well as about the aqueducts. The e-bikes certainly helped on the hilly route, although there were flat parts as well. One note is that this is a ride better suited to people comfortable with bike riding, especially in city traffic.
September 2022
Alberto was a superior guide from instructing us in safely handling the E-bikes and traffic, outlining the plan for the day, and sharing the history of all the sites we toured. Getting out of the city and riding through the green spaces was so refreshing. Do not miss riding The Appian Way or visiting the aqua duct system - explore history without the crowds!
September 2022
The most fun and off-the-beaten track experience in Rome! our guide Klaas was fun, engaging, passionate about history and culture of Rome. he made everyone feel included and comfortable. despite the rain, I had the best time, especially appreciating the marvels of Appian Way and Roman Aqueducts. highly recommended!
September 2022
This was one of our favorite days in Rome. We got away from the crowds and spent some time in nature while still learning about the history of Rome. This is a great activity to do with older kids.
Edward K
September 2022
Biking on the ancient Apian way, riding along portions of the ancient Roman wall and gate, visiting the catacombs and biking along portions of the aqueducts were the highlights of the trip. The e-bike made riding up hills a breeze. The guide provided assistance as we had to cross busy streets to get to the ancient Apian way and provided unique facts and insights about the various sites. I felt very looked after.
September 2022
Incredible experience, saw everything in the itinerary and even a little more! Some parts on the route can be a bit tough but as long as you are a decent cyclist it shouldn’t be a problem. Electric assist makes the ride almost effortless and the guide was very knowledgeable and friendly.
September 2022
This tour is a great way to explore Rome! We had a very capable and friendly guide, who took his time to answer our questions and let us explore the sights. The tempo is easily doable. Some parts of the road are a bit more adventurous (dirt paths), but this was no problem thanks to the excellent mountainbikes. Most of the tour is on quiet streets, but even on the busier streets I felt safe thanks to the guidance of the guide. Highly recommended!!
September 2022
My wife and I had a fabulous day enjoying the history and the knowledge of our guide Alberto. With his background in Architecture and his enthusiasm for ancient history, he was an absolute delight to be with
September 2022
A really great day, so much to see and a great guide. The kit was faultless and the whole experience was easy and stress less
September 2022
Amber was so kind and very knowledgeable along the route! I’d definitely recommend adding this to your trip in Rome, very fun & active way to view the city!
September 2022
The tour guide was excellent and very knowledgeable. The Catacombs were very cool, well worth it. The E bikes were awesome.
September 2022
This was a very nice tour, with a lot of interesting sights. We especially enjoyed cycling along the aquaducts, very cool to see those. Our guide Linda was very kind and knowledgeable. She made sure we could cycle safely when there was busy traffic. The e-bikes were easy to use.

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