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Sam P
September 2022
This is the kind of tour you wish you had anytime you toured anything. Tom’s humor and knowledge was incredible and you will leave learning something about Salem and the witch trials as well as life in general that you didn’t know before. That is guarantee. I’d give him 6 stars or 666 stars to be precise if I could. Thanks for everything and hail Satan! 🤘🏻
Cody R
September 2022
Awesome Tour! The guide was incredibly knowledgeable and informative with a great sense of humor. I also appreciated that our tour was not extremely overbooked like some of the others around Salem appeared to be. Overall, it was a great experience. I recommend this tour to anyone who wants to understand the factual history of Salem and it’s weirdness!
September 2022
Tom was absolutely amazing! I learned and laughed so much. 10/10 would Highly recommend you check this out
September 2022
Tour guide was great! Wonderful experience. Definitely will do again.l earned alot about salem. Cant wait to come back with my granddaughter
September 2022
I’ve never had as much fun on a walking tour as I did on this one in Salem. Very informative and cuts through some of the mass tourism. The guide was incredible and we loved all the stories.
September 2022
Our tour guide, Tom, was so knowledgeable and hilarious. He was straight forward but also left things open for you to make your own decisions. He made my wife and I feel welcome and I’m thankful he was our first tour of our trip.
September 2022
Very likeable tour guide. Super knowledgeable and full of great information. Definitely worth it! Loved it!
September 2022
Highly recommend! I took several tours during my stay in Salem, and this was definitely my favorite. Tom is super fun and so knowledgeable of the history of the area. I wish the tour was longer! Don’t hesitate to book this one. 🤘
September 2022
My favorite and most informative tour in Salem so far! Our tour guide Tom was exuberant and knowledgeable, giving facts over ghost stories. What I appreciated the most was that his beliefs coincided with my own, but that’s a conversation best left for the liberal minded. In all, I’d highly recommend this tour: it’s a good time and guaranteed you’ll walk away learning something new. Hail Satan! …and Tom, respectively🤘🏾
September 2022
Awesome walking tour of Salem. Tom was very entertaining and did a great job showing us historic sites and in explaining the history of the city and how it evolved over time.
October 2022
I really enjoyed this walking tour. The guide is knowledgeable and entertaining. It hits some of the highlights of the town and its history.
September 2022
Our guide was informative and entertaining while putting the witch trails into a modern context. I'd take this tour again
September 2022
The Satanic Salem tour was just perfect. If you really wanna learn about the history of Salem and not just some random ghost stuff - this is the tour for you. Tom is the perfect funny and friendly weirdo to spend your hours in Salem. We had so much fun. Thank you. Hail satan! ;)
Colleen C
September 2022
Best walking tour in Salem! Tom is knowledgeable, funny, and entertaining! I have done so many walking tours and this is the one I keep coming back to and taking my friends from out of town to see. Love TST and the walking tour!
September 2022
We had an amazing time and Tom is just the best. Looking around derby square at all of the other tours, I was so happy I was going on this one. Tom’s approach to telling Salem’s story was absolutely what we needed to really understand the insane history of this place, and the amazing entry music and walking music was the cherry on top. Thank you for the best tour in Salem! Hail satan! 🤘🏻
Bryce K
September 2022
This is the *best* tour you can take in Salem if you actually want historical accuracy. Tour guide was extremely engaging, knowledgeable, and friendly. If you want to hear the true history of the Salem Witch Trials during a walking tour, this is the one to take.
September 2022
We had a great day and loved the energy from our tour guide. A fun twist on the Salem experience, would highly recommend!
September 2022
Tom was a great tour guide. A super intelligent and fun guy that told things how it is. This tour is super honest about the ludicrous mindset the leaders of the Salem Witch Trials held; and the Puritan culture in general being a problematic sub-set of Christianity. He helped to illuminate how these autoroutes could be commuted from a psychological standpoint and stuck to the facts. A great time had by all.
September 2022
Fun and educational. The walking tour of the truth. Learn cool facts and have a laugh. Guide was knowledgeable and fun. Hail Satan.
September 2022
Wow! Tom is an amazing and funny tour guide. He makes the whole tour enjoyable, complete with singing and keeping us interested with super cool facts about Salem! I definitely recommend this tour for a fun laid back time learning about cool things in Salem! Would take the tour again next time!

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