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November 2023
We really enjoyed our tour of Manuel Antonio and our guide Mop. He was very informative and worked hard to make it enjoyable for our family of 5 (ages 7, 11 and 13). We would recommend this to any of our friends. Pura Vida!
November 2023
Saul was so kind and very n owledgable about the local wildlife! We took my whole family including kids and grandparents on this tour and everyone loved it!
November 2023
Our guide MOP was fantastic and very professional - quickly spotted many animals, and helped to make lots of nice pictures! Highly recommended!
November 2023
I am so glad we got a guide for our Manuel Antonio experience. We saw so many more animals, birds, and reptiles than we would have on our own.
November 2023
We went to the national park with our family (3kids). Our guide, Jeremy, was incredible and we loved our guided hike with him. The whole experience was incredible and he was such an amazing guide. The kids are still trying to remember the names of things in Spanish and talking about all the amazing things he taught us and showed us. Highly recommend getting a guide, it takes the experience to a whole new level. There were so many things we would have missed seeing without him and we learned so much from him. Whether it was catching the slight glint of a tiny lizard, or using to the scope to zoom in on wildlife, taking incredible pictures for us so we could enjoy looking around and sharing so much with our family. I would recommend the company and Jeremy to explore and see the park!
November 2023
Our tour bus picked us up on time and took us to the park. Our guide was a certified naturalist with a telescope. He was very knowledgable about the park and could put his phone on the telescope so we could all easily see the birds, monkeys and sloths. He also took pictures to be emailed to us all. About 75% of the way through, we stopped for a snack of fresh fruit. We ate in a large cage, so the animals couldn't bother us. We stopped at a beach for a 30 minute swim. We were back at our hotel by lunchtime.
Kari J
November 2023
Definitely recommend this tour (MOP was our guide), and hiring a guide in general. If you don't, you are likely going miss out on seeing tons of things. It is a beautiful park and the beaches lived up to the hype, so bring your suit!
Quiana B
October 2023
Our guide Ed was nothing less than Amazing. We brought our children, and he still made he experience worth their wild with showing them specific creatures found. He was very informative and kind and he made this tour 100% worth it!
October 2023
Our guide,Mop, was knowledgeable about the park and was able to find many things that we would not have seen by ourselves. The monkeys playing right in front of us was hard to miss. Great experience.
October 2023
Awesome tour. Karen was a great guide. Spotted so many animals we would have never seen. Helped with photos through her scope. Very educational as well. Highly recommend and ask for Karen.
October 2023
Great experience, we saw a lot of animals. Nice beaches. Saul was a very nice guide and gave us many information about animals and plants. We would definetely recommend to visit the park right when it opens to see additional animals like butterflies. It was also very calm with bearly any visitors in the early hours.
October 2023
We enjoyed our visit to the park. Mop was the best guide - incredibly knowledgeable about the plants, wildlife, and an amazing eye for finding all the animals. We would have only seen 2-3 animals if we had gone on our own. With Mop and his telescope, we saw 15-20 unique creatures in two hours. Absolutely a great adventure!
September 2023
Our tour with Mop at 11am today September 4th was awesome! His detailed knowledge of the wildlife and fauna was amazing!! He was engaging and personable and took the time to explain everything he possibly could about what we were looking at!! He answered all our questions ....HIGHLY recommend this tour and Mop !
August 2023
Incredible day in the park and our guide Karen was the best guide we’ve had for any of our adventures around the world.
August 2023
This tour was the highlight of our trip to Costa Rica. Carlos was a terrific guide and gave our family such good care. He was able to spot so many animals in the distance and take memorable pictures and videos using his scope. His knowledge of Manuel Antonio was amazing and his care for wildlife also shined through. The tour ended on the beach where we enjoyed the rest of the day. Highly recommend taking this tour. It is unforgettable. Thanks, Carlos!
August 2023
Excellent!! Lovely excursion. The guide showed us animals, amazing insects and the very beautifully Manuel Antonio's beach :)
August 2023
After having gone on guided walks with naturalists at Mistico hanging bridges in the Arenal area AND in Monteverde and not having seen much in the way of animals, I was hesitant to book another nature walk. However, knowing that Manuel Antonio Park is famous for its wildlife, I booked with Edwin and IT WAS AMAZING!! Our guide, Saul (pronounced Saw-OOL, not Sol) Guzman was absolutely fantastic. He was hustling to find wildlife, and also talked with other guides to give/receive information. His ability to see things with his naked eye and then immediately set up his scope so that we could see what he was seeing was excellent. We saw three sloths, howler monkeys, capuchins, two deer, a (dead) gladiator frog, colorful red/blue crabs, "Halloween" crabs, a grasshopper as long as my hand with red wings, the "Jesus Chris" basilisk lizard, a rare stick bird, several agouti, a white-nosed coatimundi lazing about in a tree, tiny green, black, and red grashoppers, hummingbirds, and many other things that I can't remember. I highly recommend Saul and this tour! Having a private guide was also great because the four of us could look in the scope and not have to wait for others - or worse, wait for others to take pictures in the scope! We went at 8am and there are ALOT of people going at that time - Saul said much fewer people go on tours at 10am, so that is another idea if you don't feel like going at 7am (which was too early for us).
Annet v
August 2023
Really enjoyed the morning with Mop. We had a group of 8 and he took care to find us what we had wanted to see and spotted many more we wouldn’t have known to ask about. With a bit of luck we might have seen one of them all ourselves - and so we absolutely recommend getting a guide. This tour operator was great in ensuring we knew where to be, what to bring, reminded us numerous times about the park tickets that you need to get separately. So absolutely recommend taking this tour.
August 2023
We had a fantastic private tour with Edwin and would recommend this for anyone interested in this national park. It’s definitely worth it to book a guide and Edwin’s the best!
August 2023
Karen our guide was amazing! It was unbelievable how she spotted all the animals and made pictures from them through her telelens!! You just can’t do it better yourself! We saw sloth, monkeys iguanas spiders grasshopper and then off course her knowledge of Manuel Antonio is amazing! I recommend to get up early and start as soon as the park opens before it gets to hot and busy! It’s a must do at Manuel Antonio!!!

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