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February 2022
Great tour. Our guide (Famous) was so knowledgeable and friendly and went out of his way to make us happy and ensure that we understood everything. Learnt so much from him, not just about Cappadocia but also Turkey more broadly. We saw all the major sights of the region and had the opportunity to eat amazing local food. We are genuinely wary of shopping tourist traps but, in this case, the shops we stopped at were producing genuinely high quality and authentic goods. Would highly recommend
September 2019
I wasn't told that I didn't have a return flight from Kayseri to Istanbul. The price was too high considering it didn't include a balloon ride.
May 2019
Cappadocia is great, a place must visit. But the communication with the Reservation coordinator (Muset Belge) of this operator is below satisfaction. They never provide details like pick-up time proactively and reply your email really late and sometimes just don’t even bother to reply. The only time they proactively provided information to us was to inform the cancellation of hot balloon tour. Then no more details about the refund. Even we send email to ask the refund details, I get no reply after 4 days until now. I think cancellation of hot balloon tour happens quite often. They should not take so long time to process or to reply a daily enquiry? Even you need time to process, is an acknowledgment email confirming that you heard me will be good enough customer service ? Now after going thru the comments/reviews here, I understand it is quite normal for Neons Tour’ guest experiencing bad communication with the operator. I am afraid that my money will not be refunded, so I write a public comment here. Pls confirm my refund status of booking BR-694755154 and Itinerary # 7424936301349.
Umesh S
May 2019
Some key areas to note: Itinerary: • We booked and paid 5 months in advance so booking of hotels should never have been a problem yet leading up to the tour date, there was constant changing of hotels by Neon - for various reasons. • We were also told certain optionals could be booked during the tour (more on that later) Hotels: some good, some really terrible. Our suspicion is that Neon booked cheap hotels. to be clear, we asked, no good explanation. The biggest unanswered question is why we were moved from Çanakkale to Temizel – 2.5 hours away • Neon said there’s a festival so all hotels are fully booked. But we paid 6 months in advanced - surely an experienced tour company knows this and plans better • This had a massive impact on touring and driving plans for the next day Optionals: If Neon says to you that you can book optionals on the tour - don’t listen. Book in advance for the Hot Air balloon in Cappadocia. • Our group of 14 were the only ones who pre-booked for the Cappadocia Hot Air Balloon ride (not through Neon) - Food: • Dinner at some of the hotels were tasteless. • Consider taking your own spices and sauces Again, overall, between Thompsons Travel and Neon Tours, I would be highly skeptical using booking any tour through you again or to recommend you to anyone else. You really disappointed a large tour group and we heard people from other tour groups had the same complaints.
March 2019
We normally do not take hot air ballon ride. It is usually a rare event I would say. This time my wife and I took it by joining the 2 day Cappadocia tour when we visited Turkey and we opted to have hot air ballon ride, it was a right decision. The ride was never cheap but we never regretted the choice and we had the once in life time experience. The coordination by the tour operator for the whole trip from hotel in Istanbul to airport, plane trip to Cappadocia, transfers, ground tours, ballon ride, etc., until we returned to hotel in Istanbul was fantastic and seamless. We were very pleased. The beautiful sunrise scene with so many hot air balloons flying in the air, making it a picture perfect. Never miss the hot air ballon ride in Cappadocia!
March 2019
One of the superb place I ever visited. A place worth to visit with family. A great combination of ancient and interesting places.
October 2018
the whole area is packed full of exciting landmarks and ancient treasures and the balloon ride is a great way to kick off the day.
July 2018
The trip was exciting, adventurous, affordable, and relaxing even though it was a last minute thought. All within 2 days without any rough edges. The accommodations were very nice. The pick-up drop off smooth. The group of travelers that started off as strangers who became buddies at the end of 2 days was a bonus. The guide was extremely knowledgeable and very helpful. He encouraged us to get the best out of the adventure.
Jean F
April 2018
We are particularly disappointed because our booking in Cappadocia was mainly motivated by this baloon activity. In addition the weather is not responsible for this cancellation because we saw other balloons flying that day. We really feel that this activity was canceled because we were few. We would never have booked this trip to Cappadocia without the Balon Tour.
Krishna K
October 2017

The guide oor ugur with g silent in Turkish and driver Columbo are the best team you can have. Oor is very knowledgeable about the history and with great research had some of his valid information. Columbo is gem of a man. Both were punctual and courteous.
I still had a problem- you did not book my return flight from Cappadocia and it was not made clear to me as I did all bookings over phone. I think this should be corrected both in writing and representative should bring it to the attention of the customers. I had written to you an E mail that was not professional .

March 2017

The tour was very well organized. Very punctual at all times. The meals provided were really good unlike other tours we used for our trip to Turkey.
We had a memorable experience in Cappadocia.

March 2017

We just love this tour! Well organised itineraries. The places we visited were simply amazing. Friendly and knowledgable guides. The balloon ride was just awesome. Beautiful and colourful landscape. Wanna do it again!

March 2017

We just love this tour! Well organised itineraries. Friendly and knowledgable guides. The places we visited were simply amazing. The balloon ride is just awesome. Beautiful and colourful landscape. Wanna do it again!

March 2017

Great tour with very experienced guide! It was very safe with traning for landing.

January 2017

Due strong winds, I couldn't take the balloon ride, wich was the hole point of the tour....

August 2016

This was an awesome tour. We are a family of four with two kids 4 and 8. First day we started early from Istanbul around 4 am pickup from our hotel. The tour operator had an agent who helped us through the airport check-in process which I appreciated. Once in Cappadocia we were picked from the airport and then taken to meet our tour guide she was great by the way and then started our trip with a 4km 2.5mi hike which our kids managed to do. Then we visited the the underground city which was amazing and the kids loved scampering through the tunnels, most of which were the right size for their heights! The tour operator put us up in a very nice hotel 4 star that had dinner and breakfast included.
Day 2 we opted to do the balloon flight so we started early morning again around 4am and were back at our hotel by 8am. That gave us just enough time to grab a proper breakfast from the hotel. Highlights of day 2 for us were the pottery demo and the Pasabag valley, both of which our kids enjoyed. We also liked the open air museum although the kids got bored.

As I mentioned previously out guide was fantastic. She loved hanging out with the kids, was very knowledgeable and friendly. Also Please spend the extra to do the balloon flight. it's totally worth it it and the landscape is amazing.

June 2016

Cappadocia with its special landscape is a good substitute of going to the moon.
On the other hand, the historical sights, the underground cities and churches, the arts and crafts you see over there, an excellent guide and it was the perfect experience.

April 2016

The tour seemed to be a little un-organised. It was as if the guides were winging it. Guests werent told where we were going, what we were doing until there. We also seemed to drive back and forth so it felt like the tour could have been better routed. Alfina hotel was amazing and the hot air balloon is a must do.

Antonia S
March 2016

Amazing scenery, guides, watching the sunrise in the hot air balloon was spectular, really enjoyed the experience.

Ammara M
November 2015

It was one of the best tours we have ever taken. Everything was well organised and we didn't have to worry for a single thing right from when we were picked from our hotel at Istanbul till we were dropped at the Kayseri airport back on the second day.
The tour guide UNLUER KOCAN was an amazing guide. He was so informative , sweet and courteous and we enjoyed his company. He used the time in the most efficient way to show us the most and in the best possible way. He gave detail information regarding anything we want to know about that place and Turkish specialities in general.
The stay was so comfortable , food was delicious and balloon ride was definitely one of the main highlights that should not be missed.
Overall this tour was definitely a 10 on 10 experience and it someone is reading this review to consider this tour I will say GO FOR IT and you won't regret your choice.

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