Secret Spots in SF

Growing up in the Bay Area, I never got the luxury of having the LA lifestyle. However, I get to explore and wander around the beauty that is San Fransisco. SF is the biggest city in the bay and holds the world famous Golden Gate Bridge. However, there is no doubt that street art is an important part of SF’s culture. This post will teach all of you Instagram junkies the best places to take the best pictures in SF.

  1. Clarion Alley

    This alley is located in the Mission District in SF. Clarion Alley is long strip with some of the most beautiful interchanging murals. Artists from all around come and broadcast their art on these garages.
  2. Cosson Hall

    Cosson Hall used to be a naval base in the 1960’s. Treasure Island has a literal gem is located right when getting off the Bay Bridge. Also, outside is also the best skyline view of SF. This location is now known for its graffiti covered walls.
  3. Lands End Labyrinth

    Lastly, this mysterious maze is is found after a short hike at Lands End. Once you visit this location, it will give you an itch for adventure.