Road Trip to Las Vegas

 Hot, Hot, Hot

The road trip started as a road trip from the bay area. There were many sights, but the first one we got off to look at was the Seven Magic Mountains. The stones were piled on top of each other and had many different colors. The one that stood out most to me was the darker colored one that descended from a red-pinkish, pearl white, neon yellow, dark ocean blue, and to a volcanic black. The structure was at least 50 feet high, and surrounded by such a big object made me feel a little small but still in awe.
    There were so many things that caught my attention, and somehow it still felt like home. My hometown is in Mountain View, CA, and being surrounded by mountains made me feel not so far from home. Traveling through the city felt like I was going from one town to the next. I was surprised to see that the city was continuing to grow despite its massive size. While taking an Uber, the driver told me that he could see the desert from his backyard! Nowadays it’s in the middle of town.
                Our timing wasn’t the best considering the weather being 100°F and me being comfortable at 80 max. Sightseeing the original Vegas strip left me in awe once again. There were so many people there as well as entertainers, each with a unique act in every corner. There were casinos everywhere and me being me I couldn’t resist to go in and bet. If you are wondering how much I won that weekend, let’s just say, I didn’t.
                The best part of the trip was the food. The main ones that stick out to me where two Mexican restaurants. One restaurant focused on Mexican sandwiches called tortas while the other focused on tacos. The tortas were so good I told the owner, my cousin’s girlfriend’s uncle, that they were the best tortas I’ve had outside of my mom’s home, because hey nothing beats home cooking.
  Overall, I would go again because I had so much fun there, and I did two weeks later when my best friend asked me to join him.
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