Living Life At Full Speed: Ferrari Driving

For some odd reason, people love the idea of going fast but don’t love the idea of getting speed tickets. It could be due to the fact that no one likes to spend money on decisions that could have been prevented if he or she would have followed the law. This could have also kept from occurring by driving a Ferrari in a racetrack or just around the neighborhood as Ferrari driving has been making dreams come. Ferrari driving gives ordinary people the chance to drive one of the most exotic sports cars that have the ability to go from 0 to 60 in just 3 seconds. The Ferrari is known to be one of the most luxurious cars in the world as the people who can afford them are the ones who usually drive them. When these types of cars pass around the streets people stop and enjoy the beautiful sight that the Ferrari brings. Now, you can be one those folks who enjoy this beautiful car but don’t worry you will have a professional next to you that will be keeping you safe and guiding you through the joyride. Let’s just say you will be talking to your friends about this experience for a while as well posting a bunch of pictures in your social media platform. The adrenaline rush driving at the Ferrari’s fastest speed, which is 202 mph, will be like no another and your hair might be all over the place throughout this whole ride. So please, leave your wigs at home, fasten your seatbelt, and keep every possession you have close to you because this is about to be a heck of a ride. Popular places that allow you to drive a Ferrari includes Italy, Barcelona, and France. In Italy, where Ferrari was founded on is the most popular place where you can test drive a Ferrari in cities such as Milan, Florence, Venice, Bologna, and Siena. Some of these test drives include a tour around the Ferrari museum, land of motors, cheese tasting, wine tasting, food, and don’t forget about the beautiful view. The beautiful city of Barcelona not only gives you a driving experience of a private Ferrari but gives you a luxurious trip to Ferrari Land and Port Aventura. So, not only can you feel the speed of a Ferrari, but the adrenaline rush of a roller coaster as well making it a perfect situation for the family. In Nice and Monaco gives you a beautiful sight driving through the coast as well as alongside the mountains. For more information about these luxurious deals please press on the following link for more information. 


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By Alexandro Rangel


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