God Saves The Queen But Not The Team


England vs Croatia

“God Save The Queen” is the name of England’s national anthem and the stadium erupted as the English sang it with passion bringing motivation to their players. It showed as England had a dream start receiving a free kick outside the box as Trippier placed it beautifully where the goalkeeper had no chance making it 1-0 in the first 5 minutes of the game. After that, the English players gained confidence from the goal and began attacking at all cylinders. From corner kicks, long balls, through the wing, midfield and even long passes from the goalkeeper that resulted in Harry Kane winning the header that leads to England winning the second ball that Croatia was nowhere to be found in the first 30 minutes. Croatia was lacking creativity in the midfield as England were pressuring high making the Croatian defenders looking for a long pass that was eventually won by England as they were playing dynamic. It was after the 30 minutes Croatia started to get some good looks in goal but nothing to trouble the keeper and led to a lot of frustration as the referee was constantly blowing the whistle as it was a physical game all first half. The referee was reported to have called a jaw-breaking 18 fouls in just the first half to just let the readers know what type of game it has been so far. The first half belonged to England and will hope to force the same pressure, passion, and fast pace onto the second half. However, England wasn’t able to keep the same momentum coming into the second half as Croatia started to gain more possession of the creating a rhythm to the game and their chance came. Ivan Perisic was able to score a header to tie the game from a nice cross to keep their dreams alive. After that, it was all Croatia as England seemed stunned similar to that of the Colombia game and didn’t know how to react. While Croatia was deadly in the attack hitting the post after keeper mistake that kept the equal. Mario Mandzukic also had a good chance to score but was blocked by Pickford and it seemed like they were bound to score a second, but unfortunately, the whistle was blown forcing the game to extra time. I have never seen a team go to extra time in three different games ever in the World Cup, so one would have thought the Croatia players will have some weak legs after playing 330 minutes. However, that was not the case it was the England players that were kneeling down on their knees while the Croatians were looking like men on a mission to become a finalist and got rewarded for it. A defensive clearance came up in the air and Perisic won the header resulting in a loose ball in the box that leads to Mandzukic shooting it inside the goal in the last 10 minutes of extra time. GAME WINNER! One can say they heard 4.171 million people yell, Croatia’s population after they scored the goal that sent them to their first ever World Cup final. They will be playing France for the biggest achievement of them all the World Cup. 

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