Extreme Sports That Have Conuqered The World

By Alexandro Rangel

World’s Extreme Sports

Are you tired of doing the ordinary? If so, you should maybe try some of these extreme sports that will get the adrenaline running like never before. Some might be shocked that these extreme sports actually exist, but they do and TourMega got you covered if you would like to participate in any of these sports. However, we do advise to perform these activities with a professional or an experienced partner and wear the equipment necessary as these extreme sports can lead to serious injuries.


Volcano Surfing

There is nothing more extreme than attempting to surf an active volcano. However, it’s not lava you trying to surf but the remains of lava that become ash similar to small pebbles that allows you to ride a wooden sled down the volcano. The volcanos that one is able to surf down them are limited due to the nature of the volcano as well as the tours that provide you with the ability to ride down the slope. Given the fact that it’s only limited location that allowed this will give you an adrenaline nothing short than expectations. With speed catching up to 30- 60 mph this sport is for those that are tired of snowboarding or surfing and want something more extreme.


Ferrari Driving

Ferrari is a respected brand all over the world and if you see one of their cars in the streets you obviously have to stop to take a glimpse of its beauty. Now, taking a ride on Ferrari will be making some dreams come into reality as usually those who are rich enough to afford one are those who typically drive them. The speed of this car is quite stunning reaching speeds of 60 mph in just 3 to 4 second while having the potential of reaching 202 mph. Obviously, an instructor will be provided as a co-pilot helping you manage the speed of the car, but it will be amazing to travel at such speed without the fear of being pulled over by the police.


Tank Driving and Bazooka Shooting

War films are among the best genres to watch as they tend to guarantee 3 things, action, tanks, and guns. They obviously contain death as well, but I prefer not to talk about that category in this blog. However, if you love war films as much as I do there is a special opportunity in reliving some of your favorite movies by riding in a tank or shooting a Bazooka and you can’t forget the alcohol either. The Bazooka was the first weapon of its kind as it was reliable to attack tanks, machine guns, and fortified bunkers where it was too far to use a grenadine. It’s a special piece of weapon that only certain people can say they have used as it was only equipped during World War II, Korean War, Vietnam War, and the Chinese Civil war. Now, one can also not forget the tank and its ability to destroy everything in its passage. However, that’s not the reason you will be riding on it but for more of a suitable experience.


Bull Riding

Bull riding has a created an industry among various different countries that have shown passion for the sport. Bull riders must be on top of the bull for more than 8 seconds while holding onto the bull rope with one hand for 8 seconds. Judges scoresheets depend on the ability of the bull rider to maintain themselves on top of the bull for more than 8 seconds if they don’t than they will not receive a score. This is one of the craziest sports I have ever witness as you are literally facing an animal that weights around 1,000 to 2,000 pounds that is looking to knock your head off once it gets you off your back, but that is why it made it to this list. Bull riding is for those who are fearless and enhances the adrenaline of running from danger.


Shark Diving

Enjoy a beautiful view around what represents 70% of the Earth, the ocean, and get a good look at what is underneath. Millions of beautiful species that create our ecosystem have been left to be seen through aquariums. However, if you’re tired of a glass being involved with the interaction of these beautiful species maybe shark diving is for you. The shark is the biggest attraction in the ocean, but you get also the opportunity to see whatever comes across the cage. It usually takes up to 20 minutes to arrive at the shark destination, so one has time to get their mind straight before entering the cage. Once you arrive divers are surrounded by a cage as they are lowered to the ocean and are confronted by sharks who are surrounding the cage. Depending on the location the size of the cage various as some places the cages hold more than 2 people and are electrified with a beautiful sight of the ocean. These beautiful predators will catch your eye with their sharp teeth, size, as well as fins and if you are lucky maybe you can make eye contact with one of them.


Cave Diving

One of the coolest extreme sports that allows divers to go into underwater caves and discover some sights that few people can say they have seen or for scientific investigation. Most equipment used for cave diving is scuba equipment allowing divers to witness a glimpse of light than suddenly disappearing reaching deep waters to the entrance of the cave. It’s exciting stuff as you are witnessing fishes that you never have seen before, unearthly rock formations, and different type of plants. Although, cave diving is one of the most difficult extreme sports in this list that contains a lot of training prior to getting into the water as well as the importance of safety it will be worth the experience.



There’s nothing more exhilarating or crazier than jumping off a plane at 12,500 feet. Although, getting up to that exact feet might have you second-guessing yourself, but don’t you worry once your instructor counts down to 3 there isn’t any turning back. You’ll also be attached to an instructor, so you can feel safe at all time and be full of adrenaline once falling 12,500 feet. It’ll be similar to dropping down a drop zone or a roller coaster but skydiving usually takes up to 60 seconds to finally hit the ground. A whole 60 seconds where you can be doing do somersaults in the air, have a beautiful sight of what is below you, and feel on top of the world.




Parkour has been a YouTube sensation over the couple of years where people were jumping off walls and buildings with some incredible landings. It’s a known as a training program for special forces that are developed from the movement of the obstacle course. At first, you might think this activity might not to be extreme, but after watching a YouTube video of someone doing Parkour might make you want to cringe. Parkour is one of those activities where no money or equipment is needed just a couple of methods such as climbing, running, jumping, rolling, and vaulting. It’s a fun activity that even had its own episode in the popular show The Office, where some of the cast attempted to do some stunts jumping off buildings and climbing walls. It was a funny episode, but it shows how popular Parkour has become and most importantly anyone can do it.


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