Explore A Different Boarding…. Volcano Boarding

Volcanoes are a beautiful masterpiece to some and to others they are a complete nightmare. Being from California, one rarely hears about volcano eruptions that occurred near the area but hear more about Earthquakes which is the tradeoff of living in California. I’m one of those who are scared of volcanoes because of the damage it can potentially do to anything around it, so I try to stay as far as possible from them. However, to others they love of the beauty of volcanoes so much they have created an activity where one is allowed to take a tour to the city of Leon, Nicaragua to an active volcano called Cerro Negro. Due to the fact that the volcano is relatively young being only 161 years old being made of small volcanic grains it allows people to ride down the volcano. Crazy huh? If you are interested or mind bobbled about this new activity you should maybe continue reading. To begin riding down the volcano one will have to take a trip climbing up the steep mountain which usually takes 45 minutes to an hour depending on how one can climb as well as the weather can make an impact. Once to the top of Cerro Negro, you will be able to have a beautiful sight over the horizon before mentally preparing yourself to go down the slope. Before, the start of the tour one is given some equipment such as a jumpsuit to protect you from the volcanic grains, gloves. Goggles, and a wooden sled that includes a rope as well as a thin layer of metal that shelters the bottom. Now, you are ready for liftoff. At this point, you have 2 choices to approach riding down the volcano. One can make the approach of standing up like a snowboard that results in cooler pictures, but also makes it easier to fall. The second approach is a missionary, so similar to riding a sleigh and this approach is where you can have the ability to reach a speed of 56 mph. The ride down Cerro Negro usually takes up to 2-3 minutes making the 45-minute trip up the mountain worth it. This new extreme sport has daredevils and those who think that snowboarding or surfing is not extreme enough in visiting this active volcano since 2002. If you are interested in attempting to try this unique extreme sport that is only allowed in to be done in Nicaragua please follow this link for more information. I’ll sure you won’t regret it as you will be one in a million that can say they went volcano boarding.

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By Alexandro Rangel

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