If you ask anyone who is unexposed to Indian culture to name a Hindu God, the answer most probably would be the Elephant-headed God of wisdom. Lord Ganesha is worshipped by people of all sects across the religion. So it goes without saying how big a celebration thrown in his honor would be. The 10-day long fiesta known as Ganesh Chaturthi throws the bustling Indian cities and diaspora around the world crowd into a state of frenzy. From the traditional household pujas to the pandals (marquees) that are set up to house the huge idols extravagantly colored and adorned in jewels, this festival brings people of all ethnicity or background irrespective of religion.  On this occasion of Vinayagar Chaturthi, we bring you a list of must visit places during Ganesh Chaturthi. Places you wouldn’t want to miss out on!

 Mumbai, India

Today TourMega is taking you to India for Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations. The famous Siddhivinayak Temple is the place to be. If it’s not on your list of Holy Shrines To Visit This Ganesh Chaturthi, then add it already! Mumbai Ganesha Chaturthi celebrations are the very definition of ‘larger than life’. Lalbaugcha Raja and Goud Saraswat Brahmin (GSB) Mandal are two of the most lavish, extravagant and expensive idols across the city. Among others that need to be mentioned are Khetwadi Ganraj, Mumbaicha Raja and Chinchpokli Chintamani. Dhol-tasha, colors, crowd and unrestrained fun make the visarjan scene so heartfelt, genuine and emotional. The next time you’re there, get down on the streets and lose yourself to the maddening beats. As they say when in Mumbai, party like a Mumbaikar.

Pune, India

Being the presiding deity of Pune, Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated in the grandest of manners. The community-wide Ganesh Festival or Sarvajanik Ganeshotsav originated in Pune under the tutelage of Lokmanya Tilak. One of the most culturally significant and the go-to place for all Punekars is Dagduseth Halwai Ganpati Temple. Other must-visit destinations during Ganesh Chaturthi include Kasba Ganpati, Tambdi Jogeshwari Ganpati, Guruji Talim, Tulshibaugh Ganpati and Kesariwada Ganpati at Kesariwada. The immersion scenes are mad and the celebrations are rad. Don’t forget to try out the world famous Modak. Hey if Lord Ganesha loves them, they must be something special!

Bangalore, India


Despite the rapid modernization and the urban social culture creeping in, the city has held on to its cultural and traditional roots. In this fast-paced city, the visarjan rituals at Sankey Tank and Ulsoor Lake remind you that it’s denizens know how to take a break and bask in the glorious colors and visual spectacle. Among the places to visit during Ganesh Festival are the Panchamukha Heramba Ganapati Temple and Ananthanagar Ganapati Temple.

Hyderabad, India

Standing at an imposing 58 feet the Khairatabad Ganesh idol is the very definition of eye-catching. Accompanying the mega work of art is a huge laddu weighing in at 6000 Kilos! Of course, it would be broken down into smaller pieces and distributed among devotees. So that’s an added incentive if you were visiting. Biriyani isn’t the only thing Hyderabad is famous for, the 1,00,000 pandals erected in honor of Lord Ganesh throughout the city count as well! While in Hyderabad during Ganesh Chaturthi, always stop by Hussain Sagar Lake. Ganesh idols of all sizes are immersed with emotions running high as the people bid goodbye to their beloved God.

Delhi, India

Delhi might be famous for Dussehra and Ram Navami but all the denizens of the city and especially the Marathi community awaits Ganesh Chaturthi with bated breath.
Uttam Nagar and Laxmi Nagar, the hub of Marathi speaking population ranks among the places you should definitely visit. Vinayak Temple in Sarojini Nagar is one such holy shrine you need to visit this Ganesh Chaturthi.


Mauritius Island, Indian Ocean

Ganeshotsav is been celebrated in Mauritius since 1982 by local Hindu community which consists of 52 % of the total population on this island. In fact the first day of this festival is a public holiday in Mauritius. Though not on a large scale, the festival is celebrated in the regional temples or individual homes. It is glorious to celebrate this festival in the temple as the Ganesh idols made out of mud are established at temples and homes. Devotees visit temples, offer aarti and perform a traditional dance.

Toronto and Vancouver, Canada

Toronto, the capital of Canada has many Indians that get the Ganesh idol from their respective home in India. Even with limited resources they make it grand by coming together, sing aarti and share the prasad. They still continue to follow the typical Indian culture during this festival. Keep your eyes open, you might have the opportunity to  see Justin Trudeau, the Prime Minster of Canada.

New York and Silicon Valley, United States

With a large Indian community residing in the US, the festival is celebrated on a large scale. They import idols from Mumbai and the celebrations continue till the 11th day. The festival attracts over 10,000 visitors in the states. The big puja features aarti, music and dance in the cultural environment.

London, United Kingdom

Hounslow, the principle town in London also welcomes Lord Ganesha on a large scale.

More than 5000 people show up every year for the celebration of this festival. The idol is placed at the Laxmi Narayan Temple followed by a grand aarti, with traditional food, dance and fancy dress competition throughout the days. It ends with a procession to Ham, where the idol is immersed in the Thames followed by 4000 devotees, police protection and 50 volunteers ensure people’s safety.

Ganesh Chaturthi is best celebrated with the spirit of enthusiasm for the supreme God of wisdom, fortune, prosperity and remover of all obstacles. No matter where you are the spirit of devotion for Lord Ganesha is intact with every Indian.

Paris, France

So this is the list of must visit places during Ganesh Chaturthi. The food, the aura, the music, and the crowd will make it all worth.
What other holiday destination do you wish to travel to during this Ganesh Chaturthi holidays? Do let us know by commenting below.

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