3 Places Everyone Should See

Summer is around the corner! The only thing that is on my mind is sitting poolside, getting my tan on and relaxing. However, you know what sounds better than that? Sitting on a gorgeous beach, getting my tan on and relaxing.

Here are the top 3 locations that we recommend to visit over the summer:

  1. Cancun, MexicoFirstly, Cancun has many beautiful locations and beaches that have to be visited. Here at TourMega we recommend the Playa Del Carmen and the historical ancient ruins of Tulum. Cancun is famous for the white sand and turquoise watered beaches.
  2. Athens, GreeceSecondly, visiting Europe’s oldest capital and all of the rich history that it has to offer! TourMega offers to skip the line hidden gem Acropolis in Athens tour, which will take you around the architectural masterpiece placed on the famous rocky hilltop. You can get the perfect Instagram picture out of Greece’s gorgeous landmarks.
  3.  Reykjavík, IcelandLastly, Iceland might not be what everyone is thinking for a summer vacation but there are a lot of amazing locations to visit such as the blue lagoon, the golden circle, and the most beautiful hiking locations. Visiting Iceland’s exotic locations are amazing but, the best thing to do is exploring the gorgeous city by foot. Reykjavík has everything a person could want. Iceland is full of cute shops, fun colors on the houses, the cutest flea markets. Be lucky enough to try some of the local’s delicacies, shellfish!

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