Hidden Gems in the Bay Area (Peninsula)

In the Bay Area, there are hundreds of spots to visit and not be bored. This blog post will contain three hidden gems known by the residents. These suggestions are made for those of you coming from out of town. The following spots are laid back options around the Peninsula. Each location is a little different but feels similar. For those in the Bay that don’t know about them, you’re welcome to visit! Forgot to mention, you have to be over 21 for two of the three spots. Now you’ll have some locations to look forward to in the future!

Happy Donuts – Palo Alto

(Photos from Happy Donut FB page)

The first spot that comes to mind is Happy Donuts in Palo Alto. Most people know of Krispy Creme and Dunkens Donuts and how good they are. Happy Donuts isn’t an exception, it’s just as good (in my opinion). The donut shop has great tasting food and has local students doing homework and hanging out. It has an early 2000’s Starbucks feel to it when things where a little bit more relaxed and quiet.



If you want to visit it the address is:

3916 El Camino Real, Palo Alto, CA 94306


Molly Magees – Mountain View

(Photos from Molly Magee’s FB page)

The next place is Molly Magees. It’s a Pub in downtown Mountain View and has a dance floor and pool table. You can stay at this spot to enjoy some beer and play pool until the dance floor is opened up. Once the DJ starts jamming out, people start running to the dance floor! People around the bay area come here from San Jose and Redwood City. At Molly Magees, people between 21-33 are the biggest group, and the runner up is between 34-45.



The address for this location is:

241 Castro St, Mountain View, CA 94041



Fuego Sports Bar and Club – Sunnyvale

(Photos from Fuego Sports Bar and Club FB page)

Did you ever want to go to a sports bar that was enjoyable and not crowded? I have the spot for you! In downtown Sunnyvale, there is a sports bar called Fuego Sports Bar and Club. The menu at this location is Latin-centric and has a wide range of beers. This place is ideal during game day because it gets to be about 80/90% full. Fuego is wide enough not to make you feel claustrophobic, and there are plenty of seats. The staff at Fuego are friendly, and the food hits the spot. You can always come here on non-game days and enjoy yourself with friends.


140 S Murphy Ave, Sunnyvale, CA 94086



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