3 Winter Traveling Note – Sunny Places

Last week we introduced winter destinations. This week, we want to give you some notes for people who can’t stand cold and seeks a warmer destination in winter.

Note 1 – Cebu City

Cebu city is the second biggest city in the Philippines and is known for its stunning beaches. The best season to visit Cebu City is during the winter because the weather is less humid. In Cebu city, lots of travel options are provided for travelers to choose, for example, we can see the world-famous endangered species Philippine tarsieron Bohol island, visit unusually shaped Chocolate hills, and experience to swim with the biggest fish in the world – whale sharks. Travelers can also experience the colorful Sinulog Festival which is held in January. The Sinulog-Santo Nino Festival is an annual cultural and religious festival, Some reports reveal that around a million people from different parts of the world come to Cebu to watch the Sinulog Grand Parade. Tourists can dance with local festival goers, join tours like Cebu City Heritage tour or Mactan day trip, and watch talented Cebuanos perform.

Note 2 – Malta

Malta, also known as the heart of the Mediterranean, is a place good to visit for sea, sun, culture and stunning landscape. This history-rich small archipelago in the Mediterranean Sea is mild in winter and during this season, you can have low-cost flight and cheap hotels. Also, all spots in Malta is crowd-free in winter that you will not be bothered when you have a good time with your friends or with yourself. As a well-known diving hotspot internationally, many people love to enjoy the sunshine, coastlines, and clear water in Malta.

Besides these sun and beach activities, there are stacks of things to see and do in Malta. For instance, if you like climbing, Malta would be one of your paradises. There are over 1300 climbing routes for you to choose from. If you never climbed before, it is easy to hire an experienced guide to lead you to climb in safety.

Many events are held in Malta waiting for you to explore and experience throughout the whole year. No matter you love beautiful sceneries, exciting adventures or authentic Mediterranean cuisine, you will enjoy this special journey in Malta!

Note 3 – Canary Islands, Spain

One more place needs to be mentioned is the Canary Islands in Spain. Although the Canary Islands are part of Spain, the Canary Islands are much closer to Africa than they are to Europe. Each island has its own personality, for example, Tenerife has many resorts and Lanzarote is full of natural sceneries because it is one of the less spoilt islands. If you plan to enjoy your holiday with sunshine, sand, and sea, the Canary Islands will never let you down.

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